Xbox Elite PC, One Controller price and release date

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 16, 2015

Meet the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller revealed at E3 2015. Bringing Xbox One and PC gamers a new level of customization, the Xbox Elite Controller has a price just under $150 and its release date will fall in October, 2015.

Microsoft planned to create a new controller for Xbox One and PC, which could be designed completely around performance and to meet what gamers desired today. This resulted in the Xbox Elite controller you seen featured by Product Reviews on this page, and the design was aided by a “collaboration with pro-level players”.


Features include faster speed, accuracy to change the outcome of games, ability to adapt to different styles of play, interchangeable paddles for more control with fingers, fire more quickly with Hair Trigger Locks, personalized control and with varied metal D-pads and thumbsticks.


There’s also an app for Windows 10 and Xbox One that will help customize the Xbox Elite Wireless controller even more. You will be able to change button assignments, sensitivities for thumbsticks, change trigger min/max values, and much more to assign 14 inputs for true customization.



Would you spend $150 on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller for PC, or Xbox One? When the exact release date arrives, we will publish details and of course retailer pricing may vary slightly when certain taxes are added. You can see the controller in action at this Microsoft product page.

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  • Michael Glasscock

    It is about time Microsoft made a pro quality controller. I love the razor onza but they do not work on the XB1. I was considering buying a Scuff but I have a problem paying $150 plus for a moded XB1 controller. I will own the Elite controller when it is finally released. Can’t wait!

  • HerveS94

    This kicks steam controller into the bin, i’m so going to invest in this controller this year for my gaming pc, for now i’m stick with my x360 pc controller.