Xbox One preview program invite with referrals

By Alan Ng - Jun 16, 2015

As most of you will have heard, Microsoft’s big announcement at E3 2015 was the unveiling of free Xbox One backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 discs – two years after Microsoft said it wasn’t possible.

Now it’s coming in Holiday 2015 though and if you’re a member of the Xbox Preview Program, you can even try out the new feature right now.

As a result, we can see that many of you are frantically asking how to join the Xbox Preview Program or specifically, how to get an invite for the Xbox Preview Program.

If you didn’t already know, the Program is by invite only. You simply have to be invited by Microsoft specifically, or as other users are now starting to find out – get a referral invite from a friend who is already a member.

As a result, we can see that Xbox owners are now taking to social media channels such as Twitter and YouTube and hoping that good samaritans will invite them into the program.


Luckily, we can see that there’s many members who are willing to take invites on board. Some are less friendly and are even charging others to get in, but if you take the time to look you’ll see that others are more accommodating.

Watch the video below which we’ve found for instance, which gives you a route into the program if you leave your Xbox gamertag in the comments section and the uploader will be referring all.

For those asking how long does it take to get into the Xbox Preview Program, we hearing that the process takes around a week once Microsoft decides whether or not to let you in – your Gamertag score and profile history could come into play here.

Have you been lucky enough to get in today and are already trying out the new Xbox One backwards compatibility features? If so, leave us your thoughts below on what you think about the new feature.

Alternatively, those looking for an Xbox Preview Program invite can leave their Gamertag below in case other members feel generous and want to sign you up.

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  • ProfessorRichard

    I would do anything to be apart if this

  • jonofezz

    GT: jonofezz

  • Falstaff1596

    GT: Falstaff1596
    Would love an invite, already insider for everything else Microsoft. Don’t understand why they make it more difficult for the Xbox. Thanks!

  • mack

    GT: DaBigMack

  • disqus_OjMEgRZHPY

    GT: mcbuzzboom

  • Moldovan Cristian

    GT: RandomString314

  • Blackronin357

    GT: BlackRonin357

  • Jeffrey Darling

    Please add JEFFREY04011

  • Tabitha Dillard


  • Alex Middleton (club24)

    club24 please

  • Sorejmar

    Sorejmar please

  • Ryan Howell

    WellMrKillJoy Please

  • ZAY

    xKTAxgoldenboyx plssssss invite me

  • Richard s


  • Singularity85

    Hello there if you would b able to add me I would be much obliged. My gamer tag is S1NGUL4R1TY85

    Many thanks

  • Daniel weibley

    My gamer tag is the rippsta if you invite me I would greatly appreciate it

  • Dyllon Sutton

    Hi i have be trying for a long time now to get into the program with no luck but hopefully someone here can help me. My Gamer Tag is dittybiddy and I would really love an invite to the program thank you

  • Tumeicka Burks

    classicone1 invite me please

  • Justin File

    For anyone who would take the time to invite me, my gt is MEATWAD1983. Thanks.

  • dark night

    SShadowbaneSS please invite me

  • Sora

    StormKingSora. Please send an invite. I would be eternally grateful <3

  • Lisa

    I would really like the opportunity to be involved in this. Please and thank you in advance daremeto2000.

  • Blake Bowman

    IK IR i S IP Yx would love an inv to join plz
    How do iget the app?


    i would be greatly thankfull for an invitation

  • Pete Conoulty

    If there is any chance people are bing added could you add me?


  • Kerry Harris

    please invite me, DestructAK82

  • Christopher Smith

    Please invite me. My GamerTag is ‘Shmiffie’

    I’d really appreciate it!

  • Robert Ball

    AramereSolblaze. Would like an invite.

  • Michael

    Pleas send me a invite for preview program my name SiR GoggelMogel thx

  • Brandon

    May i have a invite to the preview member my gamertag is Progunmaster13

  • Thomas

    Please add me as friend and invite me to the preview program GT: ThomasSundgaard
    I have bin using Win10 on my phone and pc for more than 6 months now. Trying out new features and g

    icing Microsoft feedback. Last week I successfully tested game streaming to my Xbox One in Denmark all the way from a hotel in Turkey(thousands of miles away 😃)
    now I can’t wait to to test the new backwards capability with Xbox 360 games. Also the transformation to win10 interests me a lot.

  • Roberto Serrano

    please invite, tag is rasv84

  • Dan

    iM 0n uH B04t
    if anyones feeling generous thatd be sweet. PLZ&THANKS

  • Jon

    If anyone is feeling generous, please invite me to the preview program. My gtag is Sir Beast1ly .

  • Steve

    i have the progroamm Follow me for it! Gamertag iTrox9

  • shawn

    Please add me to the preview program GT is Theiceback

  • ron

    Please add me to the xbox preview program. My gamer tag is ICECUBEMAKER69

  • Smithylx

    Please can someone add me. Smithylx thank you so much

  • lee

    Can someone invite me plz tintin198007 would really appreciate it

  • Austin Greenwaldt

    Can someone please invite me my gt is batdragon321 Id really appreciate an invite. I know my gt is childish but I’ve had it since I was 13 and I just never changed it

  • Taco Daniel

    Anyone wanna invite me???NuclearMonkey21

  • DeMarcus Gilgamesh Caviness

    Hey can I get an invite pls it would be much appreciated @gsafe228

  • byron

    Could I get invite please gamertag skilled01killer

  • John Williams

    Can I get an invite please? Gamertag: PortTech

  • Lee McRobbie

    Been an avid Xbox fan for 10 years and had live for around 8. I love to test dev builds and betas of apps and was in the 360 preview. Would greatly appreciate if some one could invite me.
    BeVeR IZ SIC

  • carl

    DUKE griffen . would love a invite. Im a legend on xbox. Why am i not in?