Black Ops 3 Co-Op PS4 gameplay is insane

Sony and Treyarch just took to the E3 2015 stage to unveil Black Ops 3 and in particular, the world premiere of Black Ops 3 co-op gameplay on PS4.

In Black Ops 3, you’ll be able to team up with three other players and go through the campaign mode with your friends. More importantly, we’re hearing that the game also supports local co-op, with two player split screen which is a massive factor.

Gamers absolutely love local co-op, so just imagine how fun it will be going through story mode with a friend on the same console.


We’re not sure if the same applies with two-player split screen Black Ops 3 zombies, but we’ll hopefully bring you more clarity on this later in the week.

For now, enjoy the co-op gameplay below and let us know your thoughts on it. Will you be getting the game now day one on PlayStation 4 after hearing the big announcement regarding PlayStation partnering with Activision for DLC?More on that deal soon.



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