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Google Chrome MacBook battery drain fix, release imminent

If you have been waiting for the Google Chrome MacBook battery drain fix to finally be resolved, then you will be pleased to learn its release is imminent. Knowing that Chrome for OS X is to soon take less demand from your OS X MacBook battery life is one update that will certainly be welcome.

The Google Chrome browser has been blamed for draining batteries on these MacBook’s at a faster rate than on Windows PCs and laptops, and so this minor tweak to the browser will now allow it to just sip a smaller amount of battery power.

Chrome for OS X battery fix

It’s believed that many MacBook users have uninstalled the Chrome browser and gone back to using Safari because of this issue, and so once the update has gone live we can only assume they will re-install the rival browser and enjoy its many benefits.

One way in which the new update helps with battery life is by prioritizing the current tab, rather than all of them. There is still many improvements needed to make the Chrome browser a better choice over Safari for MacBook users, such as less demand on RAM.

Stopping playing Flash ads automatically was already a feature updated in Safari, which we know to be a battery hog. So what else would you like to see Google improve with Chrome for OS X?



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