Fallout Shelter download time on iPhone Vs Android

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2015

On top of revealing some new Fallout 4 gameplay and features at E3 2015, Bethesda had a big surprise in store during their E3 event. The reveal of a new mobile game built by Bethesda which is called Fallout Shelter and the surprising bombshell that it is due for release instantly.

Bethesda revealed that they had been working with Apple closely on the game since the launch of the iPhone and now Fallout Shelter is going to put you in the hands of the overseer who has the task of creating his own vault.

In it, you’ll control your community and train them up so that they are ready to do battle against the bad guys. Incorporating elements from The Sims, XCOM and similar games – the big surprise is that Bethesda said it will be free to download, but is not behind a paywall and doesn’t require an internet connection to play.


Bethesda’s show is still running, but they said that the Fallout Shelter download time on iPhone will be available as soon as the show ends on June 14 or June 15 depending on where you are.

We’ll let the gameplay below do the talking. Watch it below and let us know what you think about this great announcement – are you waiting to download Fallout Shelter on iPhone right now?

We have a feeling that it is going to break the iPhone charts once the download goes live. Android users, how do you feel about this though as it looks like it could be an exclusive deal with Apple with no Fallout Shelter Android release date anytime soon?

Update: Fallout Shelter is now live on the App Store, go get it!


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  • Crystal-Secret

    How do I feel when Bethesda sold itself to apple over this? Nothing because apple just dead to me when I leave the bloody vault. Because let’s be honest Pipboy is a customizable little gaget. Customize does not = Apple. Enjoy your vault time Apple! Until I bloody start the revolt <3

  • Justin Harvey

    You are not missing much the game is good but is continually crashing when in the middle of a task or just scrolling through another stupid feature if your dewller become sick with radiation then you have to use radaways to make them better sounds simple enough right wrong no sooner have you done this you go offline come back and every dweller has radiation sickness again I can’t rush rooms to get more radaways quicker because the game loves to crash on this part in particular
    BETHESDA need to seriously update this game if it is to stand the test of time
    a great little game with potential but feel BETHESDA and APPLE have seriously rushed this game to get it out there BETHESDA rushed it because of fallout 4 APPLE rushed it because it’s a way of them making more money out of us
    You take a look at every time based game out there they all give you 500 gems/crystals whatever rare gem they use in there games they give you that to get you started not fallout shelter u have to purchase your lunchboxes as they do not give you nothing at all to get you started so if you don’t get any lunchboxes when you first start your game you will find the first part of your game very short as once you have built what you are told put dwellers in the right rooms thats it that’s all you can do until you have earnt more caps and that is no fast thing it is slower than a snail on a sugar rush
    BETHESDA Pull your head out of your posteria and please sort this I don’t want to have to delete this game because you can’t be bothered to update all the bug fixes and make the game play a bit more fairer than this thrown together cheese sandwich

  • Dan

    This honestly upsets me because I have a windows phone and I’d love this app but they havent said anything about windows phones

  • CNBC

    bergspider. com Don’t die before 2089 Don’t die before 11/10/15 Don’t die before 2087 bergspider. com :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  • Justin

    Having same problem want to download but just says waiting. I’ve tried like 10 times and have tried resetting device I assume it’s just some 1st day issue they will resolve in time

  • Jonathan LaBarre

    Im having problems just downloading it. For a while it wold say its only available on Ipad now it just says waiting under the icon and it never starts downloading. Anyone have any ideas that can help me?

    • Justin

      Any luck fixing it?

    • Ste

      Had the same problem. If your downloading over mobile data switch to wifi or disable the download limit. Can’t remember how to disable the limit but it should be fairly easy

  • bulldurham

    Maybe it is to make up for there being no fallout 4 for mac

  • Joshua

    Doesnt sound like Android is going to get any love…figures. Apple always does get the best stuff anyways. And business deal or not, not smart on Bethesda’s part to shaft so many people who were wanting to get this.

    • DreadPirateLynx

      If they want to shaft us, I say we shaft them back. Android owners unite! Pirate Fallout 4.

      • Brian Kendon Logsdon

        Actually they said they had to work with apple to get it released so soon, droid is probably working to get it out too, it just takes a bit longer so don’t get your knickers in a bunch, and don’t pirate Fallout 4, that affects the sales numbers thus showing if a game is successful or not.

  • Tracy

    I only know one person that has an iphone anymore. My husband! If Fallout shelter doesn’t become available soon I won’t even bother to get the pc Fallout 4 for my son. No apple koolaide for me!

  • Jon Lee

    i be killing off alot of ppl just for laughs. and keep my game pure

  • Killem

    I Cant find it in the store, im on a mac laptop.

  • rogerpenna

    just watched it on Youtube… he really never says Android. Damn Bethesda and damn the Apple monopoly! I prefer to never play this game than bow to the man and pay more for it

    I rather have a Windows Phone than an Apple. I am not a Android fanboy. There is no such thing. There are just people who think they should be able to CHOOSE and Android, being an open system, allows that.

    • ialsoagree

      One of the devs announced on twitter that details regarding an Android app would be released soon.

      I doubt they’d wait to announce that no Android version is coming if there wasn’t one coming, so sounds like good news.

  • Night Ghost

    This is gonna be a bunch of be if it’s only on Apple products….if they are going to do that and let down millions of Android users, what does that say about fallout 4? If fallout shelter isn’t gonna be on Android soon I’m not going to pre order fallout 4…thats FOR SURE! Lol

    • Sadly, it would not surprise me if this game were Apple only. Cause that is the way Apple is, unfortunately.

    • MrAfrika

      So your saying cause you have to wait for an app cause YOU chose to get a different mobile device somehow going to effect FallOut 4? Its going to be released later clown, you mobile device fanboys are ridiculous, you know at the end of the day you’re arguing over a phone right?

      • brigh7blade

        Its not about the phone, its about depriving half your fan base. So why not just put fallout on pc only? Because regardless, we deserve a fair chance. We make this possible as a community so don’t divide us based on our phones system.

        • Kai Peterson

          Holy crap, they do something nice for the community and people start getting angry that the android version is taking a bit longer.

        • MrAfrika

          They’re not depriving anything though, android users just have to wait, Apple and Bethesda signed an exclusivity deal. You just have to wait, you can’t expect everything to be laid at your feet just because you’re a fan.

  • Grefin

    Most of you who are commenting on how the app is Apple exclusive have not fully put to mind that several individuals in the company have android devices. The Apple release may come sooner but there will be a android version. If not then Bethesda is at a loss with android users.

  • rogerpenna

    I also could swear he mentioned Android. Maybe he only mentioned Android regarding the Pip Boy app?

  • Kyle Dotzler

    Can someone help. Cant figure out where to download it from their blog

    • DreadPirateLynx

      Try the app store. Derp

  • Daniel

    He announced at conference it will go Apple android and ios . Chill and pay attention.

    • DreadPirateLynx

      I was paying attention. You were hearing things. The only platform he mentioned was iOS

    • Aaron C

      Please share where you heard that? The only name I heard was Apple. Nothing about Android.

  • Kam Jordan

    this article didn’t review everything…. FailFish

  • Sw4gg3r


  • s1lv3r

    butthurt android users in the comments

    • Kieran Mitchell

      Not really, why should i spend more of my money on an iphone or ipad just to play this game when i have a perfectly fine Android phone and tablet? I’m not mad, just a little disappointed. I’m a huge fallout fan and i’m missing out

      • MrAfrika

        I think Bethesda and Apple signed a timed exclusivity deal, its business.

    • DreadPirateLynx

      Like you Apple fanboys wouldn’t have thrown a fit if it was Android only…

      • s1lv3r

        not a fan boy i just think its funny that everyone is whining

        • Dregomz

          Maybe because we want to play like you little fucktard?

  • Android/Fallout Lover

    they partnered WITH APPLE

    • Kam Jordan

      DOESN’T MATTER. GO LOOK IT UP ON THE VERGE, the verge /2015/6/14/8780115/fallout-shelter-bethesda-mobile-game

      • Yeah… it says :

        “Correction, 11:30 p.m. An earlier version of this post incorrectly reported the game would be available on Android as well as iOS.”

        Stop with your caps now… go to bed.

    • Kam Jordan

      then look at the bottom. just read it.

      • DreadPirateLynx

        You read it again. They retracted that statement

        • Kam Jordan

          me dumb. i know.

  • Evan E

    You people do realize this game WILL be on android, its not apple exclusive

    • lawra Weltreich


  • Android/Fallout Lover

    but when

    • Evan E

      nobody knows, soon. Todd Howard said it would be android and iOS during the bethesda conference. Just had a partnership with apple to release there first.

      • DreadPirateLynx

        No he didn’t. He never mentioned Android. I was listening for it like a hawk. iOS is the only platform he said anything about.

        • Aaron C

          I would have lept out of my seat if I had heard the word Android. My focus has never been better than after he said they had all gotten Apple iPhones. I had a bad feeling, so I was listening for Android. Never happened.

  • Kam Jordan

    It is coming to android guys, geez!

    • DreadPirateLynx

      Source please. Nothing Bethesda has said suggests that

      • Kam Jordan

        look up on the verge and then go to the bottom.

        • DreadPirateLynx

          I saw that article. They don’t site a source for that info. It seems like they’re just talking out of their asses.

        • DreadPirateLynx

          Look again. They’ve retracted that statement

        • Kam Jordan

          WutFace well they suck. i used to have an android…

    • Sofos XIII

      Says who? Source.

  • Android/Fallout Lover

    time to make an iphone emulator

  • Mathew Chilton

    Iphone Only? What garbage.

  • Android/Fallout Lover

    I hate apple with a passion, but i guess ill have to find an apple emulator

  • IceKoldKilla

    I hate that! The Android market has grown so much and many use Android. In some countries Android smartphones rule over iPhones.

  • Narchais

    The biggest (and only) disappointment of the show was hearing that this new game was strictly for a small group of people.

  • Awko Tacos

    It’s a bit of a bummer that it’s only on Apple products right now. However, I’m hopeful that nothing stays totally exclusive, and within months/years it could possibly be an android app as well.

  • Jordan Gutierrez

    wtf not for android?

  • Kieran Mitchell

    It’s a shame it’s iPhone only, i’d be fine with it 3 years ago when i was still on one but I’ve moved to Android.

  • Josh