Fallout Shelter crashing after Vault Number

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2015

As we told you earlier, the surprise Fallout Shelter download for iPhone is already live for some countries. Right away though, we are getting a few reports that Fallout Shelter crashes after choosing your vault number.

We ourselves had no problems after choosing our vault number – a somewhat stressful decision in itself after taking a few minutes to decide what number to go with since it can’t be changed – we eventually settled with 444!

As you can see from some of the early Shelter feedback on Twitter though, there’s quite a few replies stating that crashes are happening immediately after choosing your vault number.


Hopefully this doesn’t become a serious problem and to reiterate we didn’t see the same problems. It’s definitely happening to some though and we may see a quick update from Bethesda if the problems continue.

On the whole though, we love the design of the app and it’s actually pretty amazing zooming in to a particular room and seeing all of the dwellers up close and personal as they get on with their tasks for the overseer.

Let us know below if you have just installed the game and have seen some crashes happening. Does it happen straight away after choosing your vault number?

Also feel free to share your vault below, as we’re sure it will come in handy in terms of friend interaction once everyone gets to grips with how the app plays.

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  • Falloutfan#XX

    And i havent spent a dime.

  • Falloutfan#XX

    I have been playing fallout shelter faithfully for about 2 to 2 1/2 months now. I have 196 dwellers and doubles of each stat boosting room to power level my dwellers to tens across the board. Ever since downloading the update i cant get past the vault selection screen either. I am really hoping to see an update so i can get back to my dream of a perfect vault.

  • Edgar Pung

    Crashes at load screen after vault number

  • Sinan Freeman

    Keeps chrashing after picking the vault number …..

  • CZ Colorblind

    My game crashes RIGHT after a pick to enter my vault. I don’t get to see anything but a loading screen and then it forces me back to my home screen. I hope they fix it soon. I’ve already spent $40 on lunchboxes!!!!!

  • Matthew Wilkerson

    Keeps crashing after I click load vault..

  • gaz

    crashing after trying to log in, loosing my mind over this, i have PAID for lunchboxes and i cannot play my own dam game i bought ipad air2 JUST for this game, well annoyed

    • SuperDeerMC

      I dont think you bough a iPad air 2 just for Fallout Shelter but the same thing happens to me 😛

    • He who watches

      Same problem… I spent an embarrassing amount of money [like everyone else] I got so far, had so many special characters… then all of a sudden, one day, it starts crashing two minutes into play.

      I uninstalled it and reinstalled, and lost everything. All lunchbox goodies, all my vault, everything.

      Start playing the game anew…
      Now it crashes before even loading the start screen. Soon as I open it, it closes.

      It sucks pretty bad.

  • Ivresse

    Game loads past the title screen fortunately, However when I log into my main vault which is currently at 200 dwellers, after about 5 minutes it crashes.

  • Carolyn

    I was in vault 3 and I played for 4 days with multiple crashes. I got up to 150 people when it permanently crashed. Now all I get is the opening screen. Just as soon as I see it, it crashes and closes. Very frustrating. I was doing well and was enjoying it and would still like to play it. I don’t think I should have to reload the game to play it and loose everything I worked so hard for.

    • He who watches

      Sucks. We should definitely be reimbursed… I heard people bought a million dollars worth of lunchboxes. I’d say us making the game creators rich like like has earned us at least a little bit of reimbursement, like… how about getting all those boxes we bought back.

      But hell, I’d settle for a stable working game, For starters.

  • nmssis

    after certain level of progression, the app just shuts down…so annoying

    • SuperDeerMC

      That has also happened to me 😛 it really is annoying.

  • Terri Tennant Chapman

    I have restarted 3 times. I am at level 24 and cannot load it up now 🙁

  • Menslain

    Worked fine for first hour or so then froze and dropped back to IOS now it regularly either crashes after entering my vault or within a few minutes of playing. I run it on IPad2 with no other apps open and 2gb free space and IOS 8.2 …. Feels like no lessons learned from Fallout Vegas which was buggy as hell and could be a portent to crashes and bugs likely for Fallout 4. Think I will wait a few month before I buy that game and get it pre owned if this is any indication of quality control

  • Robin

    Im crashing after I put in my number.. I just wanted to play meh fav game!

  • Erik

    Game also kept crashing on me, after hooking up for recharging it stopped crashing, back on battery crashed again.
    Playing on I-Pad mini.

  • pa_amb_tomaquet

    Mine crashes right after entering my vault number. I have yet to see any gameplay 🙁

    • Saengtawan

      Same with me

  • Fallboy

    I got the game opening night and it crashed a couple times. I wasn’t mad. I knew this was new for Bethesda so I tried a couple time but it didn’t work. I tried it a day or two later and still no luck. I can only play it for 5 min max. I did not delete the game because I am in LOVE with it. However I will leave it on my iphone and wait for the new update to come out. All in all I’m not mad, just disappointed that I have to wait for this issue to be resolved while others can somehow play with no crashes. Sad but understanding..

  • Mikelander

    I was so pumped up for thos game when I saw it announced on E3 but after I choose my vault, it starts loading than crashes every time.

  • Carlos Tito Rivera

    Downloaded the game and I love it. Played it for 2 days without a single crash or problem (iphone6plus), but this morning as I went to check on my dwellers, the game crashes right from the first splash screen. I’ve tried it all and I cant get past the splash screen. I see it for 2-3 second and back to the desktop. I check to see the open tabs and I see it there. I swipe to close it, try re-opening it and the same keeps happening. THIS SUCKS!!!

    • JihadFenix

      same issue with 5s.

  • RadiationSuit

    After I enter my vault number for the first time, it closes out to the home screen. Vault doesn’t save. I have an iPad 2, as well.

  • calamity78

    I’m playing the game on my iPad mini and it crashes CONSTANTLY. I mean, I can’t even get some of my vaults to load. I repeatedly do a hard reset on my device and it still crashes. Arbitrarily it will crash after five minutes of game play or thirty minutes. But its guaranteed to crash at some point during my game play. Other than that, this game is amazingly fun. But I can see myself losing interest if they don’t fix this issue. I would play it about one more month, keeping an eye out for any updates and then delete it all together if I have to keep dealing with this irritating issue.

  • Bengalkatwoman

    Just want to add I’m on iPad mini

  • Bengalkatwoman

    I downloaded the game today & also have the problem with fallout shelter crashing after choosing my vault number 🙁 Disappointing!

  • Modest Fart

    It crashes for me every time I choose a vault number and tries the load the next step. Foolish me thinking this would be up and bug free from the get go.

  • Goober_P

    Crashes after rushing rooms, switching between menus and zooming in and out too quick. Sucks cause all I want to do is play! Update pleeeeease :'(

    • RD

      I’m having the same issues on an iPad 2 :/

      • Sandy Moore

        Same….I just get into the vault and it shuts down…..my pending glowing review is starting to crash as well….;(

    • Vilela

      Same here!!! 🙁 And i’m using iPad 2!!

  • Merlini

    After choosing number. Try to keep taping the screen. Works for me. Also yeah, now im crashing when i rush dinner

  • Minh Le

    Yeah, after choosing the vault number it crash right during the loading screen. Havent been able to see what the gameplay even look like.

  • J Marquez

    it happened to me a few times during the rush and If i zoom in and move around too quickly. I’m on an iPod touch 5th so maybe that’s part of the reason. I’m definitely expecting an update soon