PSN sign in and store status, down on June 13

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 13, 2015

There’s currently no PSN maintenance scheduled for Today, June 13, or even yesterday according to the official PlayStation Network help pages. This reveals that PSN is down today on both PS4 and PS3 due to an unexpected outage, gamers are not able to sign in with many errors taking place including the PlayStation Store E-820001f7 maintenance error.

It looks like the PlayStation outage started around 5AM in the UK and just after midnight for those of you in New York, EST USA. We don’t have an exact time, or even when you can expect the PSN sign in, Store, and games like Destiny to start working again. It’s the PSN servers experiencing problems and not Destiny servers.


Above you can see the official PSN status page, which clearly reveals major issues with every single service down right now for PSN. This includes account management offline, not being able to launch games and apps, PlayStation Now and video not working, and of course finding the Store not loading or being able to purchase content for download.


Are you seeing PSN down today and if so, what country or city are you in? Remember to always check the official status page, Twitter, and our PSN problems page to know if it’s just you, or others have problems as well. We have reached out to Sony for comment in regard to the outage today.

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  • Tom

    Australia too

  • Ashish Singh

    PSN down here in India as well.

  • Robbie

    PSN been down for 2 hours for me in Broadstairs, Kent UK.