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Level 3 Internet problems explained

Many online services were impacted by a Level 3 Internet outage today, on June 12 2015. For some Product Reviews readers, you might be wondering what Level3 problems have to do with their Xbox Live, PSN, Yahoo Mail, Twitch, and other services that experienced an outage today? The answer is pretty simple to explain.

Level 3 Communications operates a Tier 1 network that many service providers use in Germany, the UK, USA, and other countries. When their network causes a global outage, then the world map is impacted with millions not being able to connect to websites, servers, and through certain apps.

You can see a statement issued by Level 3 in the last hour below, which aims to explain why you might have had problems accessing the Internet today in your region. By the time you read this statement, the issues will most likely be fixed, but at least it explains what happened.


Did you know about Level 3 Communications and how their network can cause a global Internet outage? Share a comment with how these problems impacted your Internet use today, and of course if you knew about Level 3 before the issues started. We already saw reports about PSN and Xbox Live users not able to get online, as well as Yahoo Mail, BT, and eBay.



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