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Elder Scrolls Online server status shows USA down

The Elder Scrolls Online official server status page has just been updated and explains that players in USA will find services down today, on June 12. The service alert landed within the last 15 minutes and explains, “The PS4 North American megaserver is currently unavailable while we perform maintenance”.

This follows the Elder Scrolls Online servers going down across Europe under a day before, although both have been for last minute maintenance and some players wonder why more time wasn’t given to warn them. While we cannot be sure, it’s most likely due to unscheduled maintenance being needed for emergency work.


You can see a screenshot of the ESO server status page above, which we took a few minutes ago. This clearly reveals the amount of outages taking place in a very short period of time, and these follow the game releasing on Xbox One and PS4.

The extra demand for Elder Scrolls Online servers would most likely be reason for outages occurring more often. PC players won’t be happy about this, but the majority of console owners will be happy to see this maintenance work improving server performance and capacity.

Are you seeing the Elder Scrolls Online servers down right now and if so, what platform are you playing on? If we see the servers come back up, then we will update this article, but feel free to comment with the current status you are seeing. Our ESO outages page will also update readers with downtime when it takes place.



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