Steam Summer Sale start time today

By Alan Ng - Jun 11, 2015

We have a last minute heads-up for now, for those that are unaware of the impending joy that is about to happen with the Steam Summer Sale start time today.

We have been keeping you updated throughout the week with the latest whispers regarding the sale, with now confirmation via Paypal that the sale will start on June 11.

We remember that Paypal leaked the information last year as well, so either they are playing with fire or something fishy is going on with Valve intending to let Paypal give everyone the info early to build up hype.

Either way, you all what to know what time does the Steam Summer sale start today. Unfortunately, Valve never announce a set time, but rumors online suggest that it could be kicking off around 1PM Eastern Time.


Assuming that’s true, it means a Steam Summer Sale start time for US Pacific Time of 10am and a start time in the UK of 6PM. As always, there’s going to be 10 days of madness with Valve offering a variety of games at heavy discounted prices.

There will also be flash sales popping up, plus the opportunity for a community vote to determine which games fans want to see discounted the most.

We know many of you are hoping to see Skyrim pop up on the list, but rest assured if it doesn’t there will still be something to tempt you as there always is.

Give us your last minute expectations of the Steam Summer Sale for 2015. What games are you hoping to see, which you will throw your money at without hesitation?

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  • torchie4269

    I’m hoping for 50% off Cities:Skylines, The Talos Principle, and Starbound. Tons of smaller games I’m hoping for 75% off or more. I expect to see 25% off The Witcher 3, but since I haven’t beaten either of the first two, it’s nowhere near the top of my list of things to buy. I will probably buy the new Lego Worlds game if it has any discount whatsoever.

    • Ever

      Lego Worlds is good even without the discount. Can’t wait for them to implement multiplayer in the future.

      • Bramm O’Keefe

        42 MINUTES…….. *Applies baby powder to balls* “IM SO F**KING READY”

      • torchie4269

        Oh wow, I didn’t realize it didn’t have multiplayer yet. I can definitely wait for that, since the whole idea would be to play with my kids.

        • Ever

          Yeah, devs said they wanted to make sure they ironed out all the single player bugs and glitches before they tackled the mp. I guess I can understand that. I’d prefer them do one thing at a time than pass over it and leave it all jacked up.