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Preparing your iPad for iOS 9

Developers have already started to give iOS 9 beta a try, although the public will get to try out a beta version of this new mobile operating system from next month. It is for this reason why you might wish to know how to prepare your iPad or iPhone for the new OS.

A word of advice before you think about installing iOS 9 onto your device, our in-house dev has said that his iPhone 6 Plus battery life has been reduced significantly. Having said that, we suspect that Apple will update this beta before its public download goes live.

iOS 9 running on the iPad

Preparing your iPad and iPhone for iOS 9 – As always, make certain you run a complete backup of your iPad or iPhone before updating to iOS 9, this is done via iTunes and you should always choose to Encrypt your backup as well. This means that all your passwords will be backed-up as well, saving you a lot of time once iOS 9 has been installed.

You should also think about removing duplicate copies of note files first, as Notes has been updated in iOS 9, so the less you have stored the better. Changing your badges, banners, or alerts for Newsstand apps might be wise as well, seeing as though this will now be inside a plain folder, although there will be the regular old icons.

There is not much else you really need to do before installing iOS 9; just think about if you are prepared for a loss in battery life, performance and the constant issue of those early bugs.



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