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Leica Q Type 116 price, specs and accessories explored

We discussed earlier this month how Leica was about to announce the release of its Sony RX1 competitor, and they did just that yesterday. There is no denying how its range of cameras are legendary in terms of their quality and how detailed they are in design, and the new Q Type 116 is no different.

The Leica Q Type 116 specs tell us that this camera is no cheap alternative to the Leica M models, as the specifications are still as high. Having said that, there are a few differences, such as where the new model uses an electronic viewfinder and autofocus instead of the M model with its direct vision viewfinder and rangefinder focusing.

Leica Q Type 116 accessories

Looking over one of the first Leica Q Type 116 reviews we can see that it is a very capable camera for those that prefer traditional controls mixed with modern features. If you do plan on getting one, then we suspect you will love the full-frame sensor, awesome image quality (samples of which you can see here), and its wide aperture lens.

However, there are three things that could put you off the Leica Q, and that is its price, it is also a bit large for a compact camera and also it lacks a grip on the front.

Speaking of the Leica Q Type 116 price, this will be £2,900, although still a cheaper alternative to the M series.

Still thinking of getting one, then you should check out the range of Leica Q Type 116 accessories, which includes a protector, cases, straps and more.



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