iOS 9 drains iPhone 6 Plus battery life in beta

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 11, 2015

The first iOS 9 beta would always be expected to contain problems for both iPad and iPhone, in fact there’s issues listed in the release notes right away. What our in-house developer didn’t expect was extremely fast iOS 9 battery drain with the iPhone 6 Plus and while this is a beta, it’s really unproductive even in a test environment for battery life to drain in half a day.

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is massively better than the smaller iPhone 6, when it comes to battery life. We have seen the iPhone 6 Plus battery last with only one charge a week, but running iOS 9 beta 1 it’s clear the battery drains in 12 to 20 hours.


We haven’t seen tests with the iPad Air or iPad mini just get, or even the standard iPhone 6, but the Plus is certainly impacted extremely with the latest mobile operating system. This is a very early beta, so count this information as early insight. Hopefully, when iOS 9 beta 2 releases within the next 2 weeks we should see improvements.


It’s also worth noting that you can perform a clear install to improve iOS 8.3 and iOS 9 beta 1 battery life on iPhone 5S, 6, and other models. This will help in most cases, although with the first iOS 9 beta it didn’t help battery drain. Dropping from around a 3 day battery life to under 24 hours is pretty dramatic, so it will be interesting to find out what’s causing this.

Product Reviews will keep its readers updated on any information arriving online in regard to new iOS 9 features that are missing from beta 1, like the News App, and of course improvements to battery life. We just hope these issues don’t stick around until the public release in fall.

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  • awkpain

    Same here. Funny that they danced around and said hooray we’ve substantially increased battery life… and then this happens.

    • Mario Britten

      Hakuna your tatas, it’s the first of presumably 6 or 7 betas, and again: It’s a BETA, nothing for daily usage.

      • awkpain

        Sure, but if one of your opening points is battery life then it’s good business practice to ensure that people start talking positively about the improved battery life in the new version.

        • Mario Britten

          I see your point. But to this point only “developers” have access to the beta, and developers know that a beta is full of bugs. I think they’ll have it fixed for the public beta in July, because then everyone will try and report about it.

  • Marius Muntean

    sam problem here on my 5s.

  • Tommy

    I managed to get hands-on with the first iOS 9 beta and I also own the iPhone 6 plus, the battery is very bad. Of course, I expected many issues but not battery drain like I’m seeing at just 7 hours juice.