Elder Scrolls Online server maintenance on PS4, Xbox One

It looks like there is once again problems with the Elder Scrolls Online server status on PS4 and Xbox one today. Specifically, it looks like the developers are now dealing with unscheduled Elder Scrolls Online maintenance in North America.

We can confirm that Elder Scrolls Online is down on June 11 on both PS4 and Xbox One. ZeniMax has confirmed the outage in an official Tweet which you can read here – basically stating that their North America servers are having problems at the moment.

This has also been verified with a statement on the official Elder Scrolls Online server status checker, which specifically lists North America has having issues.


It means that those of you in Europe may be able to play without any problems, but for some reason those in North America are seeing Elder Scrolls Online not working.

Rest assured that the developers are working as hard as they can at the moment to fix the servers and get you back into Elder Scrolls Online as soon as possible.

In the meantime, give us your status below with the game. What platform are you playing on and when did the game go offline in your area? We’ll update you once Zenimax issues the next status report.



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