Destiny Taken King Raid Vs Oryx excitement

The hype is continuing to build, as leaks continue to emerge for Destiny The Taken King, heavily rumored to be the third DLC expansion for the game after the House of Wolves.

It’s rumored to be coming in Fall 2015 and as we’ve already told you – the price could be $40, for everyone since it’s the first expansion outside of the Expansion pass which covered the first two packs.

Now, we want to talk about what could be making up a big part of that $40 fee – a new raid. Word has it that The Taken King DLC Raid is going to be a new battle against Oryx, father of Crota – the son who players took on in The Dark Below’s raid.


Bungie has not come out and confirmed anything for us yet, but speculation suggests that they may have something to say at E3.

Either way, fans are very excited and there’s already some great discussion going on about Oryx’s motives and the storyline behind his potential appearance.

One interesting theory is that players will need the combined efforts of Eris Morn, the Queen and Osiris in order to gain enough knowledge to defeat Oryx.

What are your early theories behind this new raid for Destiny The Taken King? Would you be ready to take on Oryx with your current gear?



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