Can’t login to Snapchat? It’s down, report users

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 11, 2015

If you can’t login to Snapchat today, on June 11, then you are not alone according to hundreds of tweets being published every minute. First spotted by community feedback on Down Today, we are hearing from this outage website and Twitter that Snapchat is down and not working on both Android/iPhone.

This story is developing, but from what we can see this seems to be a total outage with users finding Snapchat not working at all. One Product Reviews reader said, “I cannot sign into Snapchat on Android, my wife has an iPhone 6 and she cannot sign in either. Are the Snapchat servers down today and if so, any ideas when there will be a fix or they will come back up?”.

Can't login to Snapchat June 11

Are you having problems with the Snapchat login and if so, what location are the servers down for you? We have reached out to the official social channel and received status reports from the UK (London), and USA (NYC). Please leave a city near you and what problems you have right now by visiting our outage page, or leaving a comment below.

We will update this article if the Snapchat servers return, or we get a reason for the outage. There’s been no response on the official Snapchat Support Twitter page, so it’s clear this issue has only just taken place. The last support update was over 8 hours ago.

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  • SirBassington

    Knoxville, Tennessee: Error message says: “Could Not Connect: Please check your connection and try again”

    Using IPhone 6 Jailbroke 8.3 (no jailbreaks that affect Snapchat so that’s not viable)

  • Jessica

    I cant log into my snapchat … havent for a month and a half now … i have a LG G3 … is it my phone or what? ive deleted the app and reinstalled it and done everything possible

  • Eryk Niedrygos

    Stockholm/Sweden. It says “Snapchat har stoppats” which means that snapchat has stopped

  • Charles Taylor

    Edgeley, ND, USA. Says password is incorrect..tried resetting my password, but still haven’t received an email from snapchat allowing me to do so…been about 4 hours since email was supposed to be delivered on my Samsung Note 3.

  • Constance Sin

    Hong Kong,China, I can’t login snapchat.
    I try to renew my password but no email reply.

  • Janice

    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

  • Melanie

    Orlando Florida, android. I try to log in and it says my password is wrong, i tried to reset and got no emails.

  • Rendy Christian

    Indonesia here too. Can log in to snapchat

  • Veronika

    Not able to log in. Galaxy s5, in Norway. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  • Nadia

    Ottawa, Ontario. Canada. wow, I thought there was a problem with my cellphone

    • nadia

      My snapchat logged me out and when I woke up I couldnt log in :/

  • A. Comstock

    Toronto, Ontario. Android device.

  • Jack

    Was finally able to get logged back in from IOWA,USA !!!

  • Raven_187

    Red Wing, MN, android device and it says that my password is not correct

  • Hawra

    Bahrain as well, mostly with Android devices 🙁

  • Hawra

    We’re facing this issue in Bahrain as well, mostly Andr oid deviced 🙁

  • Tara

    Philadelphia PA

  • We_are_pandas

    Fitchburg, and it says my login temporarily failed. How long is this supposed to last?

  • Leo

    It is World Wide most for the Android guys.

  • Ola

    Sweden too.

  • Francesco

    I tried to change password (successfully) but the app doesn’t recognize my account 🙁

  • Cat

    Down in Myrtle Beach, Sc.

  • Francesco

    Verona, just trying to see what my friends have sends to me 🙁

  • Marie


  • Naughty

    Australia! Was in the middle of some awesome snaps, bit disappointed hahaha

  • The Manu

    From India. I got an update. Didn’t work. So, I uninstalled and reinstalled. Then I tried to login but I kept getting an error. Soooo weird.

  • Fares

    In Syria (Aleppo) it’s working fine.

  • Jay

    Jay! Hi, I have an android S5 and am also having issues logging into my snapchat. Lots of people in Lebanon County of PA are experiencing the same issue, please resolve! Thanks!

  • Natqscha



    Also in Kuwait!

  • Sara

    My snapchat just logged me out autmatically and now I have problems logging back in. Even changing my password doesn’t help, maybe there’s an update.

    • Brandon Potts

      the same thing happened to me I changed my password about 3 times

  • Ron

    Snapchat is down all across US, also in the UK from what I hear.

  • Billy

    I can’t log into snapchat.

  • Captain Underpants

    Can’t log in. Says failed attempt or whatever. Looks like it’s doing that for everyone else. SD USA