Avengers Alliance Spec Op 27 Heroes Required

Following on from our main article on the Avengers Alliance Spec Op 27 Task List, we just wanted to give you a quick heads-up with regards to the Epic Boss.

As usual, you will need three heroes to access the Epic Boss and complete the Spec Ops without paying gold. Without further ado we can confirm that the Avengers Alliance Spec Op 27 Heroes required are Kazar, Mr Fantastic and Angela.

This shouldn’t be a problem for those that have been playing the game for two years, but for those who are new and just starting out – this could be an issue gaining the CP required.


This is because you’ll need a total of 368 to get all three heroes providing you don’t have any of them. We have had much higher CP requirements though in previous events, so this one isn’t bad at all considering two new versions of Spider-Man are available.

How are you getting on with the new Spec Op so far, do you like the event that Playdom has spent weeks working on? Also, Ultimate Spider-Man’s moves seem a little on the boring side – would you agree with this?



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