Marvel Future Fight Ally, Enemy Shifters Biometrics list

By Alan Ng - Jun 10, 2015

Following on from our initial article on the new Marvel Future Fight update, we are happy to report that the new patch is now available to play for both Android and iOS.

There are tons of new features included in the update, one of them being the fantastic Marvel Future Fight Ally and Enemy Dimension Shifters feature that Netmarble has added.

This little gem now means that you have a chance to randomly gain extra biometrics of any character simply by running a 6 energy Elite mission, or a 4 energy normal mission.


You can either have an Ally shifter who will assist you throughout the battle, an Enemy shifter who will appear alongside the boss – or a combination of both in a single mission.

The reward for this is a guaranteed biometric of whichever character appears in your mission. As you can see from our images here, we were even able to pick up a biometric for Malekith which if you play Future Fight, will know that it’s an extremely rare biometric to get hold of in the game right now.

With this in mind, we want to draw up a list of possible biometrics from Dimension shifters in Future Fight. Which characters have showed up so far and which ones are you waiting to see?Has anyone had Angela, Hulk, Hulkbuster or Black Cat show up yet?


Update: Confirmation that Angela’s biometrics also drop from Ally Shifters.

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  • gwinter

    Ally Shifter
    1 x Sharon Carter (Mission 7-12)
    1 x Angela (Mission 7-12)
    1 x Electra (Mission 5-9)
    1 x Hulkbuster (Mission 5-9)
    1 x Angela (Elite 7-8)
    1 x Mockingbird (Elite 7-8)
    1 x Luke Cage (Mission 6-7)
    1 x Mockingbird (Mission 3-5)
    1 x Electra (Mission 5-4)
    Enemy Shifter
    2 x Punisher (Mission 7-12)
    1 x Malekith (Mission 7-12)
    1 x Rocket Racoon (Mission 5-9)
    1 x MODOK (Mission 5-9)
    1 x Hulk (Mission 5-9)
    1 x Red Skull (Elite 7-8)
    1 x MODOK (Elite 7-8)
    1 x Punisher (Mission 5-4)
    1 x Green Goblin (Mission 7-2)
    1x Malekith (Mission 7-2)
    (hard to find a list online, this one from someone else, non-confirmed)

  • Chris

    I’ve noticed different Shifters show up regularly for different people. For Instance I get Angela a lot while my friend gets Rocket (Which I rarely get). I’ve got Angela up to 5 stars almost solely on Shifter drops. (Technically I still need 6 more shifters to get her to 5)

  • hulkjinggo

    Can I know how to get hulkbuster ally or enamy shifter on mission? Which character that I need to use?

  • happy

    Rocket, Ultron, Angela, Black Cat, Hulkbuster all ally drops. Black Bolt, Hulk as enemy drops – really nice for farming.

  • cod

    played with spiderman, often get black cat as ally

  • thehulk

    Hulkbuster drops too.

  • JWSG

    I had Hulk enemy shifter before. Racoon appeared many times as an ally.

    • NgTurbo

      Yes, Rocket appears more than most it seems.. wonder if that’s a timed trigger that Netmarble has set up to celebrate the launch of the GOTG update.

  • NgTurbo

    Great update from Netmarble!

  • Mark Lui

    I’ve seen Angela once..

  • Tuyk’

    I have gotten a hulk enemy shifter.

  • MFF Player

    I just received 1 Black Cat biometrics 🙂