GTA V ill Gotten Gains download time slow

By Alan Ng - Jun 10, 2015

We have been trying to update the new GTA V update today on Wednesday June 10. Unfortunately though, it appears that the Rockstar Cloud servers are coming under a lot of heavy traffic, with a 6GB download taking longer than usual to install.

On PS4 at least, the GTA V 1.11 update is 6.59GB and has taken longer than 30 minutes on a fast connection to finish downloading.

This is definitely slower than usual and we’re willing to bet that we’re not the only ones who are wondering what the problem is with the GTA V update download so slow today.


Having said that, we understand that there is literally millions of gamers installing the same update at the same time so it is not surprising that the install is a little slow.

Heists was a similar experience, so hopefully the Ill Gotten Gains content is worth waiting the extra time. If you are currently installing the new update, let us know how your download speed is going and if you are stuck on a particular percentage.

Anyone manage to install the update within 30 minutes?

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  • MrLego

    I have been downloading this over the last 5 days. Right now it is at 94%. The first day it began downloading I noticed how slow it was and saw my network was slow. But since then there is no problem with network connectivity and it’s speed has not increased or decreased. I never had this problem before. This sucks.

  • Miki

    It jumped from 0-4 GB in 1 second, then downloading like 100 kbps 4-6 GB. Says 4 hours left, been like that for 30mins. My d/l speed is around 1.5-2 MB per second

  • Daniel

    At first while downloading it just stood there for 5 min. All of a sudden it went all the way to half of the bar saying 33 minutes left

  • joshkiej

    downloading it on my pc took less than a min so you know #pcmasterrace

  • dutch

    It says 7 hours remaining before completion

  • Jake

    On PS4 it took me from 8pm to 7 in the morning. 11 hours!!!

  • Boss

    Its 3.5gb on xbox one. Taken 40 mins to get to 49% been stuck here for about ten mins now Z z z

  • Alexander Weaver

    Took me only 20 mins, boom. – Alexander Weaver

    • Alexander Weaver

      I was stuck on 5.109 GB for a second, though.