GTA V 1.11 update live with changes on PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Jun 10, 2015

The GTA V 1.11 update today on PS4 (6.59GB) and Xbox One is now live, with Rockstar bringing the highly anticipated Ill Gotten Gains update to everyone.

As usual, the in-game GTA V 1.11 update notes on PS4 do not tell the full story so we’ll need to wait until Rockstar posts the full GTA V 1.11 patch notes on this page – which they will do several hours later.

In the meantime, we are counting on the community to note the changes that they have seen so far, aside from the key features that were expected.


These include the arrival of the Pegassi Osiris, two gold Buckingham Swift and Luxor vehicles, the Combat PDW gold sub machine gun and much more.

You may want to hold off from buying them straight though, as don’t forget Rockstar is hosting a double GTA $ and Double RP event this weekend – so you may want to save your cash until then, unless you are rich right now of course.

The update has literally gone live minutes ago, so give us your thoughts on the update below if you have just finished installing.

This is the first major update to arrive after Heists, so are you happy with it?

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  • China is…….


  • nicoli

    Xbox 🎮 one took about 15 min to download ..lets see what’s up

  • GTA5Guy

    I have downloaded and installed the update for my 360…and I note one huge difference!! The game crashes…constantly!

    I only own a 360 and even now I am able to admit that R* should never have released it for the 360. It’s been a nightmare from the get go on this thing.

  • Guest

    3:00 A.M. on West Coast. Nothing happening for me yet. (Xbox One)

    • China is…….


  • IMA Make them gains

    No it’s not for XBOX One at least…

    • Mild MONGO

      I’m on xbox one in Aus, Melbourne and when I restarted my xbone it could do the update

  • NgTurbo

    Live, installing now! Anyone else?

    • China is…….

      I play computer