GTA Online ill Gotten Gains DLC Car price list

By Alan Ng - Jun 10, 2015

The GTA V Ill Gotten Gains update for GTA Online is now live and as a result, we can bring you the official GTA Online Ill Gotten Gains car prices for the Pegassi Osiris, Enus Windsor and the Benefactor Stirling GT.

We told you to save up your Heists money and we really hope most of you have done that. Purely due to the simple fact that the Pegassi Osiris price in GTA Online is $1,950,000.

It’s easily the most expensive of the new Ill Gotten Gains DLC car prices, as the closest one to that is the Benefactor Stirling GT which will set you back $975,000.


The two remaining cars are the Enus Windsor and the Albany Virgo and you’ll be pleased to hear that these are more affordable. The stylish Enus Windsor will cost you $845,000, but the Virgo is a bargain at just $195,000.

We knew the Osiris would be the most expensive, as it’s the nicest looking out of the new collection. Does anyone else agree that the Pegassi Osiris looks like the Ferrari LaFerrari though?

We’ve bought the Osiris already and are deciding on the rest. Let us know what you think of the prices and what cars you intend to buy.

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  • Jared Axcur

    Is this Update on PS3? Or the newer console.