Elder Scrolls Online PS4 problems with content error

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 9, 2015

The Elder Scrolls Online went live to play on PS4 and Xbox One after its June 8 midnight launch, although problems are already being reported by some that pre-ordered the Legion and Imperial Edition. While the errors we have seen don’t relate to servers going down today, it’s even worse considering some cannot play on the games release date.

One Product Reviews reader mentions these Elder Scrolls Online problems for PS4, “I bought the Imperial edition and ESO is saying cannot use content after midnight EST”. Another added, “I purchased the Legion Edition in the UK for £70, but I’m having problems playing the game after midnight due to an error saying cannot use the content. It mentions I should buy the game from PlayStation Store even after I’ve done this already”.


Are you seeing the Elder Scrolls Online cannot use the content error, or any other problems with PS4 and Xbox One? We should point out that most issues currently being reported are on PS4, so if you’re seeing the same or something different, then leave a comment below.

Update June 9: The official Twitter account confirmed they are investigating a login issue that impacted EU console servers only. The problems were later fixed and a message shared explained “We have resolved the login issues on the EU console megaservers”. If your login or server problems remain, then again leave a comment.

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  • robert loconti

    Still happening here saying login failed connection to server timed out please try again later

  • JayDL

    Cannot download update file.

  • Bradley C Hoffman

    Bought game took off work next day to jam out couldnt even log in. I’ve had the game for almost a week now anD cannot play for more than 10 min with out crashing. For a multimillion doller company who with held the game for almost an extra year to still have issues like this speaks volumes

  • Gerald Crawford

    In North america and bought 2 days ago and still haven’t even made a character. Nice going bethesda, WTF is wrong with your execs,got the stupido disease ?

  • Dante

    Can’t log in… great!! just in the middle of a let’s play

  • Martyn james

    I’d be happy if I could just download the bloody update! 10 hours to download 4GB on a 76mbps connection is just wrong.

  • Martyn james

    I’d be happy if I could just download the bloody update! 10 hours to download 4GB on a 76mbps connection is just wrong.

  • ladynight

    Help!! mine won’t even let me download it! I’ve cleared the que and tried again but it still won’t I don’t know what to do 🙁

  • Fernando Barros

    Comprei o Imperial Edition mas não consigo usar o pacote, vim sem nenhum Bônus.

  • Alex

    I’m still having problems logging in on the North america server… haven’t even played it one time yet. Says LOGIN FAILED Connection to server timed out.. I’m on PS4 by the way and my xboxone friend i know is having same problem. It says. “Please try again later… is later days weeks hours what its been 2 days or so 🙁

  • Burblepuff

    Finally got it downloaded after an age…all updates downloaded and ready to go…to be met with – Cannot use content. This was 5 minutes ago…so problem is still there.

  • Julio Ponce

    Can’t log in from my ps4 to NA or Europe and I preordered the game. I was so exited to play it wen I got off from work and here i find my self i can’t even create a character 🙁

  • James Custodio

    Hi guys, I am having trouble after downloading the 15GB update. In character creation, when I switch to sorcerer class, the game crashes and asks me to delete game data due to corruption. No way I will redownload 15GB for 12 hrs again. Is there anyone experiencing this too? Thanks.

  • Vincent White

    I’ve got the ps4 version of the game and Im trying to create an account but it’s not brining up a text entry box when I’m trying to type My email adress

    • Wayne Aigner

      I have the same problem and on username and password in link a account

    • Duster

      I am having the same problem!!!! What do I do??

    • Drew Foster

      Same here, figured out how to fix this?


    Same here

  • Kev12350

    I can start the game but cant create an imperial or choose any allience with any race, no mount, no ring, no armorer stuff, and i pre ordered the imperial edition im very let down so far

    • Nick12

      Has this been fixed?

    • DaveOC

      Same thing has happened to me, I reported it but not heard anything back yet…It’s pretty frustrating.

  • Tyler

    For people who cant get in the NA server log into the europe one until it connects then the NA will work. The game has crashed 4 times in the past 3 hours though

  • zangetsu1597

    Just use the European server guys.

  • Fred

    Having the same problem, Internal error on my PS4…waited all last night to try and get in and still cant.

  • Steve

    3:50pm still can’t get on internal error keeps popping up

  • Cody Clendenin

    Me as well. It’s 2:00pm eastern time here. I bought the 72 dollar digital copy for ps4. So far I’m negative 72 dollars in elder scroll play time lol

  • Behn Hahn

    Anyone else get digital on ps4 and game fails to start up

    • Raymond Manion

      I do
      some internal error

  • Stephen Murphy

    I got on and could play but I could not play how I wanted. Imperial edition content is missing. Is this already noted with them?

    • Woodfin95

      Same here on ps4. Do you know if it’s been fixed?

  • Xiong

    Eso keeps crashing on ps4 for me. It says error has occurred in following application.(CE-34877-0)

  • djidane57

    A huge game which is known to have many bugs / now massively online , you really did except that could run smooth as silk on launch day?

  • Clint

    Finally in 4:40 AM

  • Tom

    It’s still down (Internal Error) in North America last I checked was 4:30am EST. The Playstation store on PS4 won’t load either. I preloaded the game and even managed to link my accounts but the login still fails at Game Startup.

  • Zap Rowsdower

    4 hours trying to log in

    Ive watched turn washingtons spies
    Ate a bowl of cereal
    took a dump
    smoked a bowl of killa
    went outside and played with my dogs
    surfed the net for 2 1/2 hours to find out whats happening

    And still cant log in

    Fook you eso

  • Libby

    I’ve been trying since midnight Eastern standard time – I finally linked my account & received an error… I am now getting ‘internal error’ & To go to. Their help site. UGH! I finally got my account connected after hours of timing out… I have friends that are already on. Hrrrrm

  • burp

    Paid 70 f..ing quid and can’t even play. Xbox one. Wtf

  • Brendon Wright

    I got past the login and set up my account on my phone but halfway through I got told (on my console) the login failed and it was an unexpected internal error does anybody have ideas on how to fix it? or would I be chasing a flying pig by asking that lol

    • Rob

      Mine too ps4

    • Rob

      Mine too I’m on ps4

  • Jesus

    Been over two still login fail…. Patiently waiting for server to work

  • Nickolai

    I don’t know why your all disappointed about this. Every MMORPG has had a rough start the first day the game comes out.

  • Irepblue654

    Still no luck?

  • Killza86

    2 hours 200 login fails and my buddy get on first try it’s starting to piss me off

  • Matt

    I keep getting a “login failed, Connection to server timed out . Please try again later” My internet is fine everything else is working im typing this while the game wont work.Soooooo MAD!!!

  • Nick S

    You sucker me into getting the download copy of eso now I have 35 plus gigs of garbage on my ps4 hard drive.. well played bethesda.

  • hunter

    oh its a fun game click….fail… I feel like im playing dark souls

  • Mark A Hulbert

    waited forever for this game they pus it back another year I still preorder and give this company 72 dollars of my hard earned money and all I can do is click play only to be directed to a login failed message this is completely unacceptable and to think I have waited in excitement way to disappoint bethesda

  • Robert Maestrey

    Not cool you buy this game and then it doesnt work…really blows chunks…oh well ill continue with the witcher

  • The 2D Geek

    Same here cant login at all so much for playing game on day one! They better give us some stuff cause i paid 90$ to play this game at launch and cant!!!

  • Robert Maestrey

    Xbox one login issues…will not login this sucks

  • js1996

    So I tried with European server and it worked, if you want to play I guess that’s what it takes for now

  • Storsin

    I cannot get on the North America server! Seriously I’m getting sick of the message saying “Login Failed Connection to server timed out. Please try again later” I’ve been trying for an hour now, like what the hell

  • ThisIsJuju

    I keep getting timed out or internal error on NA XB1

  • Samantha

    I am unable to login on ps4

  • Sebastian

    Okay, wtf man… what about us in the NORTH AMERICA servers? The damn other areas and consoles in other areas getting fixed but not the NA server? Login failed message and some other internal error message sometimes.

    • JoJo Bizarre Adventure

      Seriously though, North America needs some love!!!!!! Get on it!!!

  • Kayla N Eddie Kautz

    Ps4 North American Server won’t let me log in.

  • Nathan

    Xbox one united states and Europe no connection

  • Carter

    Ps4 north american server issues wtf!?

  • Brandey

    I’m on xbox one. preordered imperial edition. It won’t let me on, it says Login failed, connection to server timed out. :/

    • Brandey

      north American server..

      • Kadarooskie@hotmail.com

        Me too on North American server but on ps4

  • ryan

    The Server keeps timing out i have super fast Internet wtf i downloaded game in 5 minutes but ive been trying to start my adventure for almost and hour…..Y ? …….is This hapening

    • Youareanewb

      58 gbs in 5 minutes is impossible

  • James

    i’m on xbox one. I preordered the game, imperial edition. It’s saying that the explorer’s pack is still installing and it’s not come out yet

  • ryan

    I been waiting for over a year to play This game and i cant even play it.ps4

  • Brad

    I am having the same issue on my PS4…North America server

    • Stephen

      mine too…….

  • james

    I get an error saying having internal problems using ps4 still haven’t been able to get on

    • ryan

      It said that to me until i created an account and linked it to my PSN now its just timing out.