Destiny The Taken King price too high say gamers

By Alan Ng - Jun 9, 2015

Following on from the leak involving the Destiny DLC 3 expansion The Taken King, we wanted to hear your thoughts on the rumored price point, since the next DLC could be double the price of House of Wolves.

If you haven’t heard, there’s strong rumors suggesting that The Taken King is out on September 15, but more importantly that it will cost $40 to buy.

Remember that The Taken King won’t be covered by the Destiny expansion pass either, as this only applied to The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

So this marks the first content that everyone will have to pay up front for and we can see that there’s already some skepticism from fans who are not happy about hearing about potentially paying double.


Both the Dark Below and House of Wolves were $20 each as a separate purchase, so what would warrant paying $40 for the third pack, given that the full game cost $60 at launch?

We obviously know that there will be a new raid involved, a ton of new weapons, new maps and a vast array of new armor to buy.

However, we’re also hearing that The Taken King includes three new sub-classes too as well with super elemental abilities such as a Void for Hunter, Solar for Titan, and Arc for Warlock.

That last part plus the combination of a new raid is probably why Bungie are rumored to be charging $40 for it. With that said and done though – would you still have a problem paying that price?

We all know how amazing Destiny is and still is right now with House of Wolves. Let us know your thoughts on the Taken King leaks and if you would still be willing to pay $40 no problem.

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  • SF Tekdown

    The Taken King isn’t a DLC, it’s like a new game with a new campaign, new places and more. The only difference with a new game is that it’s an update for Destiny. That’s why it costs 40$. Bungie decided to create the Taken King instead of creating a “Destiny 2”.

  • Michael Eckhardt II

    As someone who knows how much it cost to get into Destiny I say the 40 dollar price tag is far to much to ask for. Given for those that got the game even at the cheapest price of 60 dollars plus the season pass of 35 dollars at its cheapest that is already almost a hundred dollar investment. Not to mention those that bought multiple systems and double games and season passes. The investment already is enough. If they are going to charge it should be around 20 dollars. Though personally I think the season pass should cover it anyways.

  • SamPittman

    If it was a whole new game for $40, yeah.
    But if it’s only another DLC? Not a chance.

  • Primo Honorrebel™

    If Bungie gonna charge $40 for Taken King, then they might as well have Xur sell Gjallarhorn again. It’s only fair

  • JDahn

    I don’t care what’s included ,more than $20 for a DLC is way too much…