Forza 6 cars and track list to beat Gran Turismo 7

By Alan Ng - Jun 8, 2015

Another of Microsoft’s big announcements for E3 2015 has leaked, with Forza 6 due for a another big reveal after the initial announcement earlier this year.

Forza 6 is scheduled to release on Xbox One later this year and now we know that Microsoft will be revealing more details on the game at their June 15 conference.

Unfortunately, the information has leaked earlier than intended once again and this time – it’s all Microsoft’s fault. Or specifically, those in charge of Microsoft’s Xbox Japan website as we have some pretty substantial info to share.

This link was live for a brief period of time, only for Microsoft to take the page offline almost instantly. However, not before it was captured by AllGamesBeta who noted that the Forza 6 car list is going to feature no fewer than 450 cars to choose from.


On top of this, the Forza 6 track list will include a total of 26 tracks at launch including famous tracks at Daytona and Rio.

The details also reveal that Forza 6 has 2 player split screen, as well as 24 player races in 1080p and wait for it 60 FPS as well – which everyone was waiting to see confirmed.

Going back to the track list though, 450 is a huge number considering that Forza 5 shipped with 200 cars in comparison. As a result, tell us which of your favorite car brands and models that you are expecting to see added into the game compared to Forza Horizon 2.

Could Forza 6 go on to beat off competition from the likes of Driveclub and in the future, Gran Turismo 7 for PS4?

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  • akall_luy

    Forza is the best racing game any real racing fans know this all those fake car enthusiasts play gran turismo lol u know the 720p game i think its called Vaccums Turismo or something

  • Steve Shepard

    Forza you need to step it up with more tracks! Where in the hell is Hockenhiem, Maple Valley, all them tracks you have out there c’mon and provide us with more damn tracks!! God you suck lately!!

  • Steve Shepard

    still the same boring tracks with only a few more different ones, man step it up Forza M.!!!

  • Casey Terwilliger

    hope to see a lot of the cars from 4 including the fiero, and cobalt… endurance racing from forza 3 was amazing… drag strip was fun as well…. guess time will tell

  • Bilingual Illiterate

    “no fewer than 450 cars”. Rather lame considering GT6 has 1400 + cars. GT7 is definately one to look out for if you’re interested in REAL driving eperience. Ask around.

    However, I must adimit that having 24-player games must be fun. (Just hope no one lags!!!)

    • akall_luy

      Lol yeah 1400 cars of duplicates an no premium quality cars i have gt6 theres like 20 of the same cars with different specs lmao i would take 450 premium cars over that anyday forza cars are also detailed like forzavista an cockpit view gran turismo doesnt have any of that so theres no depth in that game .

  • Levishadow

    Tell me more about your knowledge of the car list of GT7.