Women’s World Cup 2015 match schedule on Google Calendar

Well, the day has finally come, as today sees the first Women’s World Cup 2015 match kick off between Canada and China PR. No doubt you have already got that date and time stored on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, but what about the rest of the matches?

Rather than keep visiting the official FIFA website, you can make use of a useful feature from Google Calendar, as you can now have the entire Women’s World Cup 2015 match schedule appear.

Women's World Cup 2015 Google Calendar

If you are a soccer/football fan, then this is a very useful tool because you will be able to browse through all the upcoming games, and also be able to see the dates and times of those that you feel are more important to watch.

You can see that just two matches are playing today, the one mentioned above, and also New Zealand vs Netherlands. The busiest days for games to be played are from the 8th, as there are 4 matches on that day, along with the 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 16th and 17th. Things get very interesting after then, as these are the later stages and so no teams currently appear, although those will be updated as the tournament progresses.

In order to add this, just click here and then click +Google Calendar option, which appears at the bottom.



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