Xur selling Icebreaker in June 5 predictions

We just have a few hours to go until Xur’s location arrives in Destiny on June 5. Everyone wants to know what Xur is selling today and now we could have an early preview based on another leak.

It’s no surprise to see Xur’s inventory leaked prior to the agent actually spawning in the tower as it seems to happen every other week.

Now, thanks to Reddit we can share an image of the apparent Xur inventory for June 5. Note that the items are almost exactly the same as last week, with the exception of the Icebreaker replacing the Patience and Time.


If true, Destiny players will still be very happy with having the same inventory – if it means that they can get their hands on the Ice Breaker again.

We haven’t had Xur sell this sniper rifle in quite some time and it still remains one of the best weapons in the entire game along with the fabled Gjallarhorn.

The important thing to remember though is that this is a rumor and not real yet. We’ve seen many times that these data miners have been totally incorrect – so take this info with a pinch of salt for now.

Would you like to see the Icebreaker today from Xur?

Update: The leaks were wrong yet again. Xur has spawned in the tower this week and you’ll find him by the Speaker area outside. Inventory includes the Mida Multi-Tool, Obsidian Mind helmet, the Young Ahamkara’s Spine and the Helm of Saint-14.



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