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New Google Chrome setting improves web experience

One of the main reasons why web browsers slow, and also reduce battery life while viewing on laptops is down to Flash. The likes of Apple has known this for years, hence why they came up with new features in Safari to combat this very issue. Now it is the turn of Google Chrome, which is a case of better late than never.

The new feature, thanks to Google working closely with Adobe means that Google Chrome will now be able to detect what Flash on a webpage is more important, and those that are not will not load up. However, you can always click it manually if you wish for it to load.

Google Chrome speed increase

We love how Google puts a spin on things to convince us that this new feature is something never seen before, by saying this latest Google Chrome setting improves the web experience.

Having said that, this is still a huge deal because any feature that conserves battery life is always going to be popular, and we suspect Google Chrome users will be very happy.

How to enable – If you are running the latest beta build of Chrome, then it is set by default. However, you can turn it on manually by following the instructions from the image above. Just remember, the option you want to select is “Detect and run important plugin content”.



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