New Ferrari Dino price importance for exclusivity

One of the best looking cars to ever come from Ferrari has to be the Dino, although the last time we saw one roll out the factory was around four decades ago. That could soon be about to change if latest reports are correct, because we could see a new Ferrari Dino powered by an engine of the twin-turbocharged V6 variety.

We know what you are thinking; we already have a Ferrari Dino, the Alfa Romeo 4C, and you can see why people will say such a thing looking at its design below. However, we know that The Prancing Horse will come up with a radical new design, although it would be nice for them to hold on to some of that classic design.

New Ferrari Dino

New Ferrari Dino price importance – Getting the price right has never been so important, because price the car too low and it will lose exclusivity, and too high and people will consider one of the other models, or worse, a rival’s.

Autocar reports that this new Dino will cost around the same as the California T, around the £150,000 mark. The question is, will this be the magic price point, or will people struggle to choose between the California T and Dino?



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