Minecraft PE 0.11.1 update with world crash fix

By Alan Ng - Jun 5, 2015

Following on from the long awaited Minecraft PE 0.11.0 update, we can see that immediately gamers have encountered a serious problem involving worlds crashing on Minecraft PE 0.11.0 every time on load up.

As a result, Mojang has wasted no time and have already gone live with a Minecraft PE 0.11.1 update for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that specifically fixes this problem.

Confirmation of the update going live can be seen on the official App Store listing – Mojang has even ‘thanked’ Apple for apparently speeding up the process in getting Minecraft PE 0.11.1 out to the store so quickly after 0.11.0.


Don’t forget it may still take a while for the update to actually reach your device, but we’ve had numerous reports of the update being live for most so try now and let us know how you get on.

It’s obviously not great to see this Minecraft PE worlds crashing bug so soon after a new update launch, but at least Mojang fixed the problem almost instantly.

How is your Minecraft PE 0.11.1 experience now, are the problems fixed for you?

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  • Tyler Gilley

    this is an importaint message! please read! I just got mcpe 0.11.1 and I there has been a vary effective bug for my ios 5.1.1 ipad, I can enter the game for about 30 seconds befor it frezes up and forces me to hit the home button. if im quick enough I can make a world and place a few blocks befor it freezes other wise if I sit it the menu it freezes. this makes the game impossible to play, can you please fix this bug in the next update? that would help all of the 5.1.1 mcpe users.

  • WolfRaiderTBC

    This bugs me,when ma two wolves,Percy and bear are at max health,I can feed them,they stand up,pls fix that. But Percy got hurt helping me murder a spider, and when I tried to feed him,his tail just went down. Pls fix da bugs!!! 🙁

  • johnleoalmella

    i have a nice home and weapon and other stuff then i deleted the my 2 world because the map dont have a mountain. after delete my world i cant open my 1 world now plss fix minecraft ver 11.1

  • Hashim

    It can’t open minecraft I open it just a black screen and then crashes 6 days haven’t played it

  • Hashim

    I can’t open mine craft it just open mojang and then crash I didn’t played mine craft for 3 days because of this please fix it

  • jorfan

    When my dogs get hurt you can’t get them back to full hearts. I have tried over a stack of food. Fix it plz

  • David Hartis

    Ipad 1st Generation ios5.1.1 with MCPE 11.1 crashes on loading screen if wifi is enabled but can still play single player if wifi is disabled

    • Ray Sems

      Thanks. At least my son can play now, even if he won’t be able to play with others. 🙁

    • TheTropicalGecko

      I have the same problem when internet is on it freezes if

      • TheTropicalGecko

        Internet is off it works fine!
        PLZ fix this thx mojang

  • Connor

    how do you do a custom skin it just keeps on saying This is not a minecraft skin,silly I just want to get my oun minecraft skin from skindex

    • Mia Fernandez

      you have to download Minecraft Skin Studio.

      • GamerCo29

        No, go on the Internet on your computer and find a skin. Download it to your computer. Attach the file to an email and it email it to yourself. Open up the Mail on your iOS device and save the picture. Go to mcpe and follow the steps. If your too young ask a parent for hel

  • Andre

    2x Ipad 1 running ios 5.1.1 and minecraft 0.11.1 and it does not even start. It crashes after 2 clicks on the selection menu at best. I guess my kids will have to find something else to play with. As i do not have a backup on the pc there is no way to revert to older version.

  • Samanhta

    Just installed minecraft 0.11.1 on ios 5.1.1 and its unusable!
    The thing hangs creating a new world and when opening an existing one, and then it crashes.
    Its my daughter’s ipad and she is not going to be happy!
    How do I revert to a previous version?? What was the last usuable version?

    • Peter

      Me too! It is super annoying!!!!!!!!!!! I have an iPod Touch 3rd Generation running IOS 5.1.1. When I am connected to the Wi-Fi, it freezes on the world load or in a world. Then I have to get out of the app, delete my history, turn off the device, turn it back on, and get back in. Then it crashes. Then I get back in and the process restarts! But when I am not connected to the Wi-Fi, I can get into a world perfectly 75% of the time. And the skins don’t work even when they are in the right format! They work on other devices but not on mine!! Sure, the normal skins that are free work, but when I upload a skin it does not recognize it!!!!

      • TheTropicalGecko

        I have iPod touch 3rd generation and 5.1.1 and it freezes when wifi is on but dosn’t when wifi is off

  • Chairboy

    Running 11.1 on android on an S4zoom and have one world that crashes within a second or two of loading. Bit annoyed as have been working on that for over a year….

  • Hayley

    Well i have a brother and he has a really old iPod , can’t remember which one but he can’t get a skin, we haven’t got update yet

  • Amy

    My son can not get anyone to be able to join his world’s now. It worked before the update, now he get’s invalid name. We’ve taken out all symbols and spaces from the world’s name, but it still won’t work. He can join the world that is on my phone, but I can’t join his. Any ideas?

    • nnmej

      Take it our of your player name. The player name is the point

  • fafa

    ipod 4g the skins dont work

    • Ashley

      They do so 😝

    • WolfRaiderTBC

      Yeah I play on an android tablet,but my iPod 4 has an amazing world so I tend to play on it occasionally, but I can’t download a skin.

  • BlueBolt Wing

    No my problems aren’t fixed. My problem is that if a tamed wolf gets hurt,feeding it will only lower its tail. And yet a wolf at max health enters love mode. I am on an android. tablet

    • Animallover22🐰🐹🐭🐮🐶🐱🐯

      Yes, I have the same problem too… 😕🐶

    • Simona

      I have the same problem as well

  • alexander06

    turn off wifi (ipad 1) mcpe now works

  • Super-Alex-2002

    I cant open minecraft pe!!!:-(
    If i want to open mcpe it Crashs!
    Need help!

    • Teairah Velasquez

      me too. me and my nephew are trying to play 0.11.1 on ipod 5/iphone4 and it says invalid name and im sad that it is doing that ;-;

  • SPK57

    I am having a real problem with the multiplayer now…can’t connect with others in my house..getting “invalid name” when I try to join other players world. Note: it is just me and my kids on my home network..prior to the update we had no problems…

    • Man

      You need a one word name without !
      ? .)))(

    • Miavona Turpin

      I’m having the same trouble here me and my kids was playing right before the update and now we can’t get on each other’s games. So a one word name will help this??

      • Miavona Turpin

        It worked I changed my name from “The Queen” to “Queen” and my daughters from The Princess to princess and it worked we can now join each other’s games. Thanks Man. And Thanks SPK57 for spotting the question!

        • Amy

          Is it still working for you? We cannot connect at our house. Getting invalid name… even with one word names.