Fallout 4 trailer analysis with Pipboy, laser weapons

For those that still can’t get enough of Fallout 4 after Bethesda’s amazing reveal earlier this week, we can now bring you a full 16 minute Fallout 4 trailer analysis.

We know some of you were making jokes about the Fallout 4 dog bearing similarities to COD Ghosts teaser trailers.

However, the dog seen in the Fallout 4 trailer may end up revealing much more than originally thought about the game’s main story plot.

The analysis comes from YouTuber MrMattyPlays and is very well done, bringing up some very interesting prospects – one being the baby in the cot turning out to be the main protagonist in the game.


There’s also some comparison screenshots between real life monuments in Boston, with Bethesda’s take on the same landmarks after the apocalypse.

Not to mention a potential look at Fallout 4 weapon customization with what looks to be a laser gun mounted on top of a hunting rifle.

It’s all very interesting stuff. Watch the full analysis below and give us your own ideas and theories on the game’s storyline.

Plot twist – Will the dog be playable?



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