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New Boombotix Chambers Collection line of speakers

If you thought the market was already saturated with consumer level portable speakers, and were hoping these speaker makers were going to offer up new products to help differentiate from one another, then we have some bad news. We have recently learned that after a successful partnership last year with Boombotix, RZA is to team up to become a kind of creative director for the company.

This partnership with Boombotix and Robert Diggs, better known as RZA from Wu-Tang Clan will help spawn a new line of Boombotix Chambers Collection speakers.

New Boombotix Chambers Collection

We can already sense many of you getting even angrier at the thought of more people walking around subjecting us to horrible music playing out of speakers strapped to their person.

The new line of portable speakers from Boombotix will form part of the Chambers Collection, which will see them come with exclusive content from numerous artists, much like Boombot REX.

Boombotix gives us the big sell as to why they are doing this, which they say is to deter illegal downloads and to bring back “artistic value of music.” However, it is always a way to help market a new line of speakers in order to generate more income and to compete with rival prodcuts.



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