Darksiders 3 release date demanded from fans

By Alan Ng - Jun 4, 2015

If there was one game that is still high on the request list this year, it has to be a Darksiders 3 release date on PS4 and Xbox One.

We know that there is a Darksiders II remaster for PS4 that is on the way called the Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition, but at the same time there has been a big demand from fans to see a third game in the series.

After all, we have only seen the events from War and Death – two members out of the four horsemen of the apocalyse.

A third game may be themed around Strife and/or Fury and considering the great reputation that the first two games have, there’s a lot of excitement in the air on what Nordic Games are planning.


Remember, Nordic Games have picked up the franchise from original developers Vigil Games who disbanded following the bankruptcy of THQ.

Upon exploring some of the hype over Fallout 4 this week, it was interesting to see that some fans would rather see a Darksiders 3 game over Fallout 4.

As for when we could see a third game, we’re guessing that 2016 could be a nice estimation. Nordic Games opened a very insightful forum thread back in April 2013 and declared that the tale of the four horsemen was not over.

More importantly, Nordic Games asked fans what they wanted to see in a third game and in two years that thread is now over 225 pages strong – impressive stuff indeed.

Are you looking forward to seeing a Darksiders 3 announcement? Give us your best ideas and theories on how Nordic Games can successfully keep the series going strong.

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  • LLemonSS

    Don’t merge Strife and Fury together into 1 game. Give them a game each, to flesh out their stories and character, like Death and War. They certainly don’t lack for creative talent. Use it.

  • Aentik Sparda Ten-no

    just do it already!!! wouldnt mind if they bring the 2 missing riders with 2 different paths leading for a fourth game Apocalpyse, the demon , angel, and death kingdoms alongside the nordic as forge lands was aaaaaaaaaaaaawesome more Gigantic enemies would be sweet!!!! hope they have totally different abilites like jumping very high or bring a rain of Blood (fire) who knows!!!

  • grandadsclothes

    I loved the first two games in the franchise, but its going be extremely hard to top DS2. I would like to see more magic to use with different characters, more than the necromancer magic in ds2.

  • Champu Akoijam

    amazing story, action & attitude. ilove it. pls cont. this series. i will play next episode 3 (darksider 3) extremely fan in this series. i m waiting 3years how can live my life pls……… 10000000000………..i m still waiting…… forever

  • Abdullah Cheema

    I love this series… And here strif story begin he also go to a director or something like that and he or she tell stife to go to crow father he arive there but he see death killing crowfather and when the souls attach to death he run and he also go into the portal but he won’t gone where death he goes into another dimension and that’s what the creators have to think what dimension it would be….its just a clue I give to creator

  • Lex

    I liked the first one, I loved the second one, I’m craving a third one😈. I curious about the other characters, I wouldn’t mind having the last two in one game, just bring it already, make it grandiose like God of war 2/3.

    • Aentik Sparda Ten-no

      if they wanna exploit it yeah maybe separate the last 2 and give each missing rider a game, but storywise would be awesome to bring the 2 riders and make it like a Resident evil 2 , a converged path where you can take a different route with the new 2 riders where they can meet up in the end and yeah both riders selectable!! but good Charred Council make this happen Fast!!! XD

  • Hadi Omran

    I’m looking forward to see darksiders 3. And I would like it to be just like the previous 2 games.