PS4 1TB console price needs to be $500

We have some great news for those who have been waiting to buy a PS4 console with 1TB hard drive storage space in 2015. It looks like it is finally going to happen, with the discovery of two PS4 models over on the FCC website.

When unannounced products land on the FCC, you know that an announcement is just around the corner. That corner in this case just so happens to be E3 2015, so expect an official announcement during Sony’s E3 2015 conference on June 15.

The models that have been outed are the PS4 CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B SKUS. One of them is listed as having a 1TB hard drive inside, while details on the other one are unclear at this time other than the fact that it’s a new 500GB console.


Many will say that it’s about time Sony offered this option, as you won’t need us to remind you of the constraints that digital games have on the hard drive with most games around 50GB a pop.

Hopefully the PS4 1TB console price is reasonable, as consumers won’t want to pay over the odds for it – perhaps $500 is a nice starting point.

It probably is worth mentioning though that Microsoft are still selling a limited edition 1TB Advanced Warfare Xbox One console bundle for $669, so the odds on seeing a 1TB PS4 console for $500 could be slim.

What are your thoughts on this, will you be willing to buy one straight away if the price is right? What is the maximum you would pay for a 1TB console?



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