Destiny Xur location mystery for June 5

For those who are looking for where is Xur right now, you’ll need to be reminded that the Destiny Xur location for June 5 will take place on Friday.

Last week, Xur was back at the Tower, which was surprising as some thought he may stay in the Reef after appearing there for the first time after House of Wolves launched.

Now, it looks like that was a one-off special appearance at the Reef and it seems that Xur will be back inside the Tower as usual.


Xur’s arrival time on June 5 will be at 10am UK time, 2am Pacific Time and 5am Eastern Time – the same time that our agent spawns every single week.

The big question that we want to know is what items will Xur be selling on June 5? Last week we had the Patience and Time sniper rifle which was a nice surprise, so what will he have in just over 48 hours?

Remember that exotic weapons included on the Xur loot table include the Hard Light, Mida Multi-tool, No Land Beyond, Red Death, Suros Regime, The Last Word, Universal Remote, Ice Breaker, Patience and Time, Plan C, Dragon’s Breath, Gjallarhorn, Truth and the Thunderlord.

Which weapons from that list above do you want to see from Xur – is Gjallarhorn the obvious choice?

Update: Xur is live again guys. He is in the Tower this week NOT the Reef. Location and full inventory here.



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