GTA V Pegassi Osiris is the Ferrari LaFerrari

By Alan Ng - Jun 2, 2015

Earlier on we told you that Rockstar were planning a new big GTA Online update for June 2015. It will include several new cars and now we want to focus on one of them – the upcoming GTA V Pegassi Osiris.

This beautiful sports car is going to be arriving next week and some of you have been asking what the real life car is, that Rockstar has taken inspiration from – like they do most times with their new car reveals.

Although we’re not 100% sure on this, it looks like the Pegassi Osiris has been specifically modelled from the real life Ferrari LaFerrari.


Take a look at the two images here, showing how the Osiris will appear in GTA Online below – plus its real life counterpart above.

It’s a pretty good match wouldn’t you say? We love the way Rockstar tries to bring real life supercars into GTA Online and we have a feeling you are going to love cruising around in the Pegassi Osiris once it is live.

The only problem that we see is the fact that the Pegassi Osiris price in GTA Online will not be cheap, so we just hope you have been saving your cash.

Do you think that the Pegassi Osiris is modelled specifically on the Ferrari LaFerrari, or have we got this wrong?

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