AW Supremacy DLC problems with download freezing

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 2, 2015

Whenever there’s a new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare add-on, then you can expect DLC download problems like we have seen many times in the past. Today, we only just mentioned the COD AW Supremacy DLC 3 was live with an update and soon after saw problems with some Product Reviews readers reporting their download is freezing, slow, or stopping off and on.

In fact, our AW Supremacy DLC download is going very slow, but this isn’t something we haven’t seen before when downloading during the first hour of going live. One of our readers also mentioned they had a “little stop sign which doesnt let them download it”. This came from a gamer with the season pass, so if you can relate to this issue then leave a comment below.


Are you having problems downloading the COD Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC today? While our install went really slow at the start, it’s now past 50 percent and speeding up. Our tip would be to just be patient, or come back at a time when there’s less demand for the new content. If you have found a fix to other problems related to Supremacy DLC, then leave those in the comments.

We have seen the new zombies and multiplayer maps crashing or freezing in the past, which have been due to a bad install or corrupt download. This is pretty rare, but if you are seeing the new AW Supremacy maps or zombie map with freezing problems, then again detail these below. We will also update this article with any statements in relation to officially confirmed issues.

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  • Colby

    I bought supremacy doc ps4 and installed it but it says I can’t play on the maps because I don’t have the content

  • Bryan Evans

    Hi I need some help of possible? I have a psn and I have downloaded supremacy dlc it comes in 3 separate download files,one of the have installed but the other 2 say waiting to install,I have deleted them and downloaded them twice now but the same thing keeps going on, waiting to install. I can Play the game but some bits are missing on the menu like supremacy grapple, and mosh pit, I have not tried other parts yet but I’m sure there is some missing parts to the game.
    Can anyone help??
    Many thanks

    • Bongis

      I have exactly the same problem can someone pls tell us how to get it to work

  • Elliot Hay

    Just a slight issue with the Supremacy DLC (PS3), ive installed it and everything works fine apart from: Oz doesnt narrate for the opening sequence for Zombies, also while playing In Exo Zombies ‘Carrier’ i’m not able to sprint, its glitches and I remain at my normal pace?

  • Dominic Tenia

    Hey if anyone is on Xbox with issues. I deleted a DW+AA file from advance warfare and everything is running smooth.

    • kevin Russell

      do you have online

  • sonic budha

    Hi, I,Ve downloaded supremacy but when I go to Find a game! It says Supremacy is disabled and I don’t have the map pack,I,ve deleted it , reinstalled,same prob. Finally deleted all game and reinstalled that last night. Still the same issue.this is compounded by the freezing issue which still hasn’t been sorted out since 05/05 update.
    Any body have any ideas concerning the dlc prob?
    Freezing I can handle for now but this is just getting crazy.

  • Lawrence

    I downloaded supremacy fine but when I click on exo zombies it says there is contact the is damaged or missing and I downloaded it when the icon appears the message pops up again over and over

    • Zombiehelper

      you need to go settings system, games and apps, AW and then delete anything that says supply drop e.g. ASD1,2 and 3 and other supply drop content that it says as well as this bz + aa thing

      • Alex

        Thank you

  • AM

    same problem…it doesn’t recognize the download for zombies. It does recognize multiplayer new maps though. hopefully there will be a patch tonight

  • Lisa Stamper

    Same as below we have deleted and redownloaded compatibility pk 4, 3 separate times now and still can not play carrier zombies all other maps load n play fine minor freezing during game play on team death match both before and durning game and sometimes after…how can we fix this issue with not being able to play the zombies portion of the game ??

  • Orbit Flamez

    It keeps telling me to download the compability pavk and it still doesn’t work

  • GiGi

    My Son did the same as Exotisms and so far it works – setting it to default

  • Angel

    Had the same problem! And it still doesn’t let me download or it says it’s damaged!

  • person

    Hey I just turned mine on and off and it started downloading

  • person

    Hey I just turned mine on and off and it started downloading

  • connor

    When will everything be up and running so it say that we can’t go on anything

  • connor

    The game won’t let me on exo zombies and I think it’s bang out for order because I was waiting for the new maps

  • Exotisms

    I set mine as default so when I launched my advanced warfare exo zombies would start automatically and it worked

  • Tyler Ray Miller

    I have the seaoson pass and did the update for supremacy dlc yet it says I do kot have the content when I go to play the map pack

  • steve

    Yep b@))#cks..sledge youre sh#$..bo3 here we come

  • Chan

    I’m on 10% after 38mins!!! What is going on!!! Cant wait for BO3 now….

  • Andy

    Finally finished atc15.30 so about 6.5,hours give or take!!

  • Hope

    Been three hour’s trying to download and install. I’m qt 8% installed for the new maps. It took ahour and a half just to update and download. Now install will take just as long. I am mad


    🚫 sign will not let me download if problem with this is sorted out please reply!!!

  • Jonny Mc

    I download everything and says compatibility pack is damaged or missing help

  • Jonny Mc

    I download everything and says compatibility pack is damaged or missing help

    • Jamie Smith

      me too. I got to play zombies once by deleting the comp pack and dlc the redownloading the pack loading zombies then dl the dlc. once I backed out it said missing or damaged again. there will be a fix but itll take 3 mo for it to come out and itll mess up something else

    • zombiehelper

      you need to go settings system, games and apps, AW and then delete anything that says supply drop e.g. ASD1,2 and 3 and other supply drop content that it says as well as this bz + aa thing hope this helps 🙂 worked for me

  • Andy

    Now at 13%

  • Andy

    Been trying to download for last 20 mins , just gone to 3%. This just can’t be down to demand surely? If it is then another example of companies taking your money and then no doubt making excusing about what the is bad customer service and experience. If it is a technical issue then again at least talk to your paying customers and let us know. Shoddy business model . Just gone to 4%!!!

  • Lovable Nerd

    Yup.. can’t download. Stop sign 🚫 there says I can’t.

    • treinitz

      My boyfriend has the same problem.