Advanced Warfare 1.17 June update live, PS4 patch notes

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 2, 2015

The PlayStation 4 has received its Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 1.17 update just now, and this patch went live on the same day Xbox One received Supremacy DLC 3. It’s interesting to see both updates go live on the same day, especially considering Advanced Warfare on PS4 won’t receive Supremacy DLC until June 2015. Article updated with full patch notes below.

We are downloading the Advanced Warfare update file right now on PS4 with a file size of 3.55 GB, although the full patch notes haven’t been published by Sledgehammer Games yet. We will list the notes given on our PS4 system after the patch is installed, which we can access by clicking “Update History” on the AW game icon.


The screenshot above highlights the 3.55GB PS4 Advanced Warfare download and this is taking some time, especially considering our broadband connection is 54Mbps. The slower than normal speed shouldn’t be related to demand for Xbox One Supremacy DLC, so hopefully things will speed up and we will add a screenshot for the patch notes shortly.

It’s also worth mentioning that system notes might only list “bug fixes”. You can access the full patch notes for the PS4’s Advanced Warfare 1.17 June update at this community page on Call of Duty’s official website.


Update: The PS4 patch notes are live and can be seen above. This includes many bug fixes and rare issues like out of map exploits in Exo Zombies.

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  • Wayne Freeman

    still they have not fixed the wall hack glitch in retreat!!!!

  • Joe Burkett

    they still have not fixed a few key things, when i open a care package stop with all the duplicate crap, i dont get anything anymore when it comes to elite guns… and i cant believe after how many years in COD there is no AUTO BALANCING at all for teams and stacked teams…it should never be 3 on 6 ever it should auto balance the teams…

  • Kerry

    Thanks for the notes, wondered what the June 2nd update was for on PS4.