2015 BMW 7 Series configurations include 750Li

There is just a week to go until we finally see if the 2015 BMW 7 Series has been worth the wait, as its official launch will take place on June 10. This news was shared with us via a teaser video from BMW, and so we just cannot wait to see what details the announcement will bring.

Many of our readers have been wondering what the 2015 BMW 7 Series configurations will be, and while we are unable to offer you a list of the different trims, we know that it is to include the 750Li thanks to the picture you see below from the video.

2015 BMW 7 Series 750Li

We have already seen a few details of the new 2015 7 Series, although there is still so much we do not know. However, one thing is certain, it will make use of Laserlight technology used on the i8.

It will be interesting to see what the results of the first round of 2015 BMW 7 Series reviews will be, although those will not become available until later this year. We have yet to learn its release date, although that information should be shared with us next week.

Autocar has already had some time behind the wheel of a pre-production model, although the final production model will come with several changes, to help make the car drive and perform even better.



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