Xbox One update brings Massive Chalice live

By Alan Ng - Jun 1, 2015

We have a quick heads-up for all Xbox One owners now, as Massive Chalice has just gone live for June 1. This is the free game for the month which all owners will get with their Xbox Live Gold subscription.

If you were currently wondering exactly what time Massive Chalice will be available to download on Xbox One – the wait is over as you can grab it from the store right now.

Major Nelson has just Tweeted out to let everyone know too so head to the store and get started on this month’s game.


Joining Massive Chalice this month will be Pool Nation FX. The chances are though, that you’ve already played this game to death as it’s actually the third month in a row which Microsoft are handing it out for free – if you can believe that.

Massive Chalice should be great fun though and there has been plenty of positive feedback so far. Let us know your initial thoughts on the game after download and if you are happy with it as your main free game as part of your paid subscription to Xbox Live.

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  • Admir Karalic

    If I were to get a XBox One, the idea of Games with Gold wouldn’t weight in as one of the main factors, look at this, the same Game again, for a 3rd time, that’s what is going on with Microsoft, they have not as many games, to be able to give away some good titles. Sony might be going Hard on giving Indies only or mostly, but at least, I don’t see the same game twice in 3 months. The only reason I would get a XBox One, is for Halo, Forza, Sunset OverDrive and the next installment of Gears of War, in short, Exclusives.