Reasons for Black Ops 3 with PS4 exclusive DLC

By Alan Ng - Jun 1, 2015

You may think it’s crazy to think that Activision would do a deal with Sony to make Black Ops 3 DLC exclusive with PlayStation, but we have some reasons to suggest why it could just happen later this year.

As we all know, Microsoft has had a long running deal with Activision which has ensured that all Call of Duty DLC has been first on Xbox before arriving one month later on Playstation and PC.

Now, this could be set to change and before an potential announcement at E3 2015, we have a video to show you which gives you all of the reasons why it could happen.

The video comes from YouTuber TmarTn who has apparently already played a preview build of Black Ops 3 over at Treyarch HQ.


According to him, the build he played was on a PS4 rather than an Xbox One which he says is strange since previews have always been running on Xbox systems.

Not only that but there’s a series of other reasons why with points explaining each claim – they include the Black Ops 3 trailer being uploaded to PlayStation social media channels one hour before Xbox.

Also the fact that no Xbox branding logos are seen on Call of Duty trailers anymore and also the surprising fact that on the official Black Ops 3 pre-order website, the version that pops up first is the PS4 copy not an Xbox One copy.

There’s also an alleged leaked image showing a future Dew and Doritos promotion with Black Ops 3, with the Dew and Doritos website description stating that they will be teaming up with PlayStation ‘all year long’ to bring rewards to gamers.


We could be clutching at straws here, but then again we also think that the uploader brings up some interesting points.

Check out the video for yourself, collect all of the points in mind and then tell us if you think that Sony will be announcing a deal at E3 2015 to make Black Ops 3 DLC exclusive on PS4.

Could it really happen that PS4 owners get DLC one month before Xbox One? The perfect scenario of course would be no exclusive deal in place and everyone gets DLC at the same time.

However then again, most of you should know that this will never happen anymore with Call of Duty given the way the money-spinning DLC train works these days.

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  • NgTurbo

    Well well well…look what happened in the end!

  • Fade Koenisegg

    I am absolutely excited about the Playstation 4 being the main console for Black Ops 3. It’s a nice change and I would absolutely love the idea of getting DLC’s for Xbox and Ps4 at the same time! Both consoles are great, but I am sticking with the Ps4 mainly because I grew up with it. I am definintely going to purchase Black Ops 3.

    • Gem Kenneth

      Good job mate!

  • Art Leos

    HA! PlayStation Nation

  • Mongin Jeff

    Is he not using the asm1 and what looks like the kf5 in the game? Don’t all the cod’s usually have different guns?

  • rufftastic

    Currently Xbox one presale orders are outpacing ps4 for Black Ops 3…

    • BlueBird

      Because every call of duty player thinks that xbox will get it first so they preorder in on Xbox, logic

    • Chet-The-Threat

      Not true..sorry but no




        • Admir Karalic

          It’s not DEEL but DEAL, you moron, and then what does it change, if in the END, PS4 has more sales, so more people that could actually buy the game, even if all XBox One players were to buy CoD: BO3, it would only need the half of PS4 players to buy the same Game and be even.

        • Gem Kenneth

          It’s okay, let them console themselves.

  • Jefferson Igbinewuare

    Xbox isn’t even bad for all cod games xb1 is 1080p dude so only some games are 720p some2example2 🙁

  • some2example2

    where was everybody saying the “perfect” scenario would be for both platforms to get the dlc at the same time the last 4 games.

    i’m pretty sure the 20 million plus ps4’s and all the xbox 720p ones collecting dust have something to do with it and the dlc is contingent on the xbox reaching certain numbers.

  • Omar Alnuaimi

    Screw this better Xbox one exclusive cause I pre ordered this game on Xbox one atleast on the Same time would still be good

    • Admir Karalic

      When is unequal, you XBots are very Happy about it, cause you get exclusive content, but then when it turns around and the company decides to support the other Console, is not ”fair” anymore ? It was up to you, to chose the right console and stop being whiner.

      • Omar Alnuaimi

        I have both Xbox one and ps4 I just don’t wanna buy the same game again so I guess ill just convince my shitty cousin to buy black ops 3 ps4 problem is I don’t like ps4 controls