PSN down on June 1 with surprise issues

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 1, 2015

The PlayStation Network has gone down on June 1st, 2015 in the UK early afternoon. The problems came as a surprise to many PS4 and PS3 gamers, also the official PSN status page isn’t listing any services down right now, although this could change in the next few minutes.

There hasn’t been any scheduled PSN maintenance for June 1, as we checked the official schedule earlier today, so these problems today are for other reasons. The well known hacking group Lizard Squad hasn’t issued a statement either, which reveals it most likely isn’t to do with them.


Are you seeing PSN down today in the UK, USA< or other countries? If so, what error codes are you seeing? We just checked our system and notice NW-31456-9 on the PS4, so this error code is taking place due to PSN being down.

This story is developing and we will have more details as information arrives. If PSN comes back up on PS3 or PS4, we will issue an update to this page.

Update: The PSN status page still has everything listed, as “All Services are up and running”. This is clearly not the case, as seen on Twitter with many outage reports.

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  • Teresa Parsons

    ps3 down in the us south carolina been trying for hours with no luck its a pain in the butt


    This is ridiculous… when psn is down my ps4 becomes a 300 brick because I can no longer use any of the apps I purchased

  • me

    This is getting ridiculous

  • Billy

    Yep, down on PS4.