Mortal Kombat X PS3, Xbox 360 release date frustration

By Alan Ng - Jun 1, 2015

While MKX owners have been having plenty of fun on PS4 and Xbox One, unfortunately the same cannot be said about the Mortal Kombat X PS3 and Xbox 360 release date which is still nowhere to be seen.

Since next-gen versions launched on April 14, we are coming up to three months since that point but there still is no confirmed launch date for previous-gen versions.

In case you didn’t know, the game is not being handled by NetherRealm but rather High Voltage Software who are handling the port.

That means they are obviously going to take longer than NetherRealm to get the game running, but don’t forget also try to move everything down to older hardware at an acceptable framerate.


The PS3 and Xbox 360 is old hardware after all, but that hasn’t stopped the frustration from some users getting the better of them.

Take a look at Ed Boon’s reply to one user above, which was in response to an angry rant basically about why the MKX PS3 release date had been delayed.

Boon’s response of ‘You shouldn’t have to wait’ seems to imply that he also isn’t happy with the situation so hopefully the game is coming soon.

Are you patiently waiting for a PS3 or Xbox 360 copy with a next-gen upgrade out of the question for you? Give us your thoughts on the ongoing delay – are you worried that High Voltage Studios will do a bad job?

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  • player1

    360 and ps3 versions officially canceled by wb. wb says that anyone who preordered and prepaid can have refund

  • Ryan Hudson

    Does anybody have any updates on the Xbox360 release? Amazon UK said the release date would be today (28/08/2015) however now it says the 21st of November?????

    I have a £30 pre-order on this, if I’d have known the delay would be this much, I wouldn’t have bothered!!


    i dont see any good signs for ps3 release. this software was originally designed for ps4. the ps3 version is not a priority and so they can delay it or even cancel it . . .

  • marcochap

    It’s now mid-august and no news of any release. They want people to pay $450 for a new console and $60 for the base game without any extras. So I have to spend $510 to play 1 game. Yeah, no thanks. bye.

  • player1

    Seems to me that Sony is trying to boost sales of the ps4 console and came to agreement with High Voltage to delay the release……….

  • irrelevant

    these game people are being so ridiculous right now like fr fr its already been delayed TWICE and now we gotta wait EVEN LONGER just for it to be released and plus it might not even have all the top good stuff that the ps4 and the Xbox one has.. now we gotta wait all the rest of the year in until the game comes BACK out AGAIN FOR THE THIRD TIME….like seriously ridiculous 😒😒

  • player1

    any benefits , in case the ps3 version is released, for this small (!!!) delay ? extra characters , dlc’s ?

  • MrChew

    It appears that Warner Brothers and High Voltage Software never issued a release date of June 2. This date was used by Gamestop to get a bunch of preorders.

  • MrChew

    The ps3 and xbox 360 versions will probably look like and play similar to the android version.

  • Wacky

    If u check Wal-Marts website it says mkx Xbox 360 and ps3 versions are coming out on June 30th



    • irrelevant

      i read its not suppose to come out “AGAIN” until December 31st 😭😭

  • Juan Arredondo

    The least they could do if they ever release the game for older gen is give Xbox 360 & PS3 players a couple of bonus players for free.

    • James

      Hopefully they do

  • Crystal Ramirez

    Actually, I thought it was June 12th. Walked into the store and nothing. I came home upset. Looked online and saw the release date for December 31st. Really? Annoying. Not sure if any this is or will be said today at E3.

  • player1

    totaly unfair for the fans who expected the new version. not everyone can affort to buy a new ps4 to play the new game. personaly, i have a ps3 and i dont have any intention to spend more money on a new console. in that case, no thanks, i dont buy !

  • Rapper Nero

    I wait, I will not delete my preorder of MKX for X360. WB games says Summer, not 2 June o 15 June. Summer begin 21 June.

    • Jason Small

      Release date was clearly stated as June 2 2015 and that was after a delay already

  • Regis Bethencourt

    It really is messed up.. I only play fighting games so I have to wait YEARS for something to come out. I cant experience the excitement of new DLC characters with everybody else. All of the damn XB1 DLC is going to be released before we get ours. Total SPOILER!!!! Its like waiting for a movie to go to DVD after people been talking about it and dropping spoiler alerts. It takes the excitement out of the experience foreal!! I see a release date of December on EBgames. I even took off from my business that I work 7 days a week for the whole year to buy this game for its june release date. That is the coldest sh** in video game history……… I cant afford the next gen systems.

  • Rebecca Chapman

    I’ve already called GameStop and cancelled my pre-order. This is ridiculous…

    • Christopher F.

      Yup, I cancelled mine yesterday. It was fully pre-paid too.

      • Jason Small

        I found out it won’t release until Fall so I am canceling mine and not going to get it until the complete edition comes out and its in the bargain bin at GameStop.

        • Christopher F.

          Well they say it will be out in the Fall. They also said it would be out in the Spring and in the Summer.

  • Ray scott

    I think im just gonna get next gen before this comes out im tired of waiting this is so dumb it should be easier for them to release it for last gen because its a lower quality system so idk why they delayed it.

    • WhateverMan

      I’m doing the exact opposite. I play few games and I would like to see how much worse this game will be on XBox 360 and I’m not willing to plunk down $400 just because I can’t wait until 2016.

      Screw ’em. I’m waiting.

  • Jason Small

    I paid for mine already as well. I was frustrated to find out it was delayed once already, I can handle that. Now with that being said I have been mad about the fact we can’t get the same packs as the new gens but no collector’s edition as well, then to top it off that I still can’t play the game I’ve already bought. Then the finalization of the Arkham franchise has me upset too for it will always be incomplete by seperating it. I’m just saying that I’ve been a die hard gamer for 30 years and now its getting to where I just don’t want to play anymore.

    • Christopher F.

      I hear you. Remember the good old days, where when you bought a game you bought the game? There was no “save it for DLC” nonsense, there was no “you have to be online so it can call home and check up on you”, there was no “Oh we didn’t get the game perfect right the first time, we’ll just patch it later”.

      • Jason Small

        I know exactly what you mean. There was a time when you bought a game and everything to the game was all there. The only thing you had yo do was find them or perform certain actions. Then there is the whole HDMI only concept, like hey we got thus great game system so buy one of our expensive TVs so you can play it. The online is great but a joke. We all know that everything you paid for just be online will be obsolete soon. Just like Xbox and PlayStation 2 you will no longer have a dedicated server for your stuff. So for all the people buying only digital games better start buy a lot of hard drives and start saving your games now. The gaming industry was something great back in its console competition days now it seems like Nintendo is the only consistent console. If it wasn’t for the fact they lack in the gaming library itself and I am so used to other controllers I would make the switch. Microsoft and Sony have been dropping the ball for years. There are only a few games that a person can actually call classics and once you do they beat it to death (Halo, God of War, Call of Duty). I have spoken to a bunch of my friends and we all are leaning towards just getting out of gaming all together. It cost to much get a truly complete game. The content is not yours as long as you own it, its until they delete it. Then the whole HDMI thing if you’re going to make something HDMI only make an adapter for all of the AV people out there.

        • Christopher F.

          And the only thing Nintendo has done consistantly for years now is suck and be completely out of touch with the gaming market.

          Its a sad time to be a console gamer these days.

          One of the best game series out there is still Elder Scrolls on the PC, and not because of what Bethesda makes for it, but because of the modding community.

  • Christopher F.

    Okay, thats it. I was unhappily waiting for the PS3 version to come out, but if its been delayed again I’m done. I’m going in to cancel my pre-order and get my money back. This is just unacceptable.

    I’ll just go watch the story mode cinematics on YouTube and all the x-rays/fatalities and call it done.

    I refuse to buy an Xbox on general principle, and I won’t get a PS4 that isn’t backwards compatible, and now the only game I’ve actually been hyped to get in years is turkey slapping me in the face.

    Screw it, I’m done.


    i think its wrong what they r doing, what make xbox 1 so special there r people who cant afford xbox 1 and a flat screen, so y do we have to suffer plus we paid for the game. its sad how microsoft lettin this happen. we deserve our games same as xbox 1. ………………….stop doin this its unfair plus u got black ops 3 for xbox 1 an still we cant afford it….. its sad how people spend money on a games system an then they come out with a high tech 1 we cant afford. u better off playing on ur PC than a game system.


      i bet u they changing the graphic of the game so xbox 1 is HD an 360 will be lookin shitty….thats y they delay it they changing the graphic. sad just sad to wait this long for a game. they changing it for xbox 360 thats y

      • WhateverMan

        More likely, the XBox 1 version of the game uses technology that’s only in the new engine so what that likely means is the game, when played on an XBox 360, suffers long load times and or compromised game play (glitches, freezing, etc.).

        And most likely, they have other games they have to make sure are ready for the 2015-2016 holiday season, so this game was deprioritized.

  • Rigard

    Can’t afford a PS4/Xbox One at the moment, so, will either have to wait and see if High Voltage can make something happen by/before December, or, save up and buy a PS4/Xbox One. Sure, there are great games available for the current systems, but I just can’t really afford luxuries at the moment (been saving up for Mortal Kombat X since last year). Hell, I can’t even afford a dedicated landline in the small flat I’m staying in at the moment, and current generation consoles are rather dependent on you having one. So, not a happy camper 🙁

  • Craig CJ Tory

    I cannot afford a new ps4 console and why should I!?? The ps3 has still got plenty of life in it and other games haven’t struggled to do opd gen games along with new gen but at the same time ed boon is a total legend and isnt to blame hope they replicate what they done on the ps4 for the ps3 then itll be worth the wait 🙂

  • Unhappy buyer

    Honestly shouldn’t have to wait when some of us payed $99 for a game that was said to be released June 2nd, in my opinion its just another push for people to buy new consoles.

  • millwrightmac

    This does totally suck but it better not be like the south park fiasco. I preordered and waited over a year for that release. They pushed back the release date so many times I dreaded going into Gamestop to ask. I hope they at least include some or all the dlc’s for this inconvenience.

    • Pail

      Or you should just buy a next gen console ..

      • Christopher F.

        Sure, when are they releasing the versions that don’t suck ass?

  • An unsatisfied customer

    We should not have to wait so long for a game that was announced to be released on a certain date and then pushed and then pushed again. It’s not fair to the consumer. I almost had a tantrum when they pushed it in May. I get my hopes up that a game that I paid money for is going to come out in a week and then all the sudden, wait screw you we are going to make tou wait even longer. It’s taking candy from a baby. Another thing, if you set a release date, it needs to be a date that is reasonable. You don’t point to a random day on the calendar and say lets do it then. You take into account time to make the product, test the product, improve and fix the product and give time for setbacks. I can tell they didn’t do this since they had to push it twice. I would not be suprised if it was pushed again.

  • why should i buy ps4/xbox 1? consoles full of remasters and remakes?
    yea it has some AAA games, but are they meant for everyone? no, they have a different taste!

    release the damn game on PS3 man…wtf is taking so long!?

    • Hdhaha

      Because next gen has way better specs? Last gen is dying. All the new releases coming up are for next gen only. Last gen porting needs to stop.

      • Salala

        Well not everyone is as rich as you are sir to be able to afford an expensive console like PS4/Xbox one and 70 euros for each game when PS3 on HDMI is still awesome, so no, last gen portings do not need to stop.

        • Herman Campbell

          but those of us who are early adopters get screwed as well because they cant make games to work to full potential because they are making them for last gen. I do feel for yall I really do, but chances are they are trying to give ya the best game they can. Rather something be delayed and come on right than something like AC Unity which came out a bug filled disaster.

        • Christopher F.

          All the PS4 had to do was include backwards compatibility.

          Why they didn’t comes down to one of two things:

          1) The new hardware isn’t powerful enough to emulate a PS3, in which case it isn’t powerful enough to justify an upgrade in the first place.

          2) It can do it, but they just won’t, because screw us.

          Either way, it means I won’t buy a PS4.

      • Christopher F.

        Specs don’t mean crap if there are no games. PS4 isn’t backwards compatible, and I’m not willing to have 2 Playstations hooked up at the same time, one for shiny graphics and one for actual games worth playing.

        Maybe I’m just getting old, but there has been virtually nothing worth playing come out in years, except for Mortal Kombat. And one game is not enough to make a PS4 worth owning.

        I would say a Final Fantasy game would do it, but SquareEnix hasn’t been able to make a FF game worth playing in years either.

        Guess I’m just going to have to become a PC gamer, because the consoles are screwing up across the board.

        • WhateverMan

          I’m with you. I play very few games and I want to see what MKX looks like on the 360 before I consider plunking down $400 for an entirely new system.

          It makes no sense.

        • Rigard

          Also been considering going PC, although the PC port of MKX has been a royal screw up I heard…

  • Porkchop

    I am totally upset, I can’t even bare the fact that I have to wait even longer for the damn game. What the hell is up with the Mortal Kombat X game creator?????????????????????? I want the damn game, and I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t give a flying F$#% If X-Box One owners got their games and are playing….. I have an X-Box 360 and I am not going to spend more money on upgrading my system just for the hell of it! I’m broke and I can’t afford expensive systems…… I want minimum a price cut for this delay, at least all X-Box 360 users should pay only $30 for the game for this inconvenience! I am super angry!

  • Superdomo 12

    With how long they have had us wait they should at leased give us more then just gorro cause I’m mad but ya I’m great full for getting gorro must with these stupid delays after promising the release dates I’m super mad and want nether realm take care of there own games because I’ve only found out about this new company and all ready completely hate them

  • Roberto R

    Why would they say that its going to come out 6-2-15 and then make us loose hope bc the release date is 12-31-15 like fix ur mind ppl

    • BobTheSpider

      12-31-15 is a place holder! It’s coming in fall.

  • BobTheSpider

    I am really disappointed! I waited 2 months to get this game and now they tell me I have to wait another 3-6 months! Are you kidding me! Anyway I was really excited to get this game today but what can I expect after the first delay? This game actually looks awesome but the release date of 12-31-15 does not.

    • Christopher F.

      I’m canceling mine. This is just unacceptable. I’ll go watch all the x-rays/fatalities and the story mode cinematics on Youtube for free and just go play MK9 again.

  • ukzmarc

    we should get all dlc for free including the characters suck as jason and the soon to be released predator for the wait hope its out soon

    • Manuel Palacios

      Agree with ukzmarc high voltage studios should do that for making us wait so long >:(

  • Katie S

    I’m getting a refund… I love Mortal Kombat but this is ridiculous, I paid in February which means I’d be waiting almost a whole year… No thanks. This should have been planned better! Very dissapointed!

    • Manuel Palacios

      Yeah it is ridiculous wth

      • Katie S

        I’m upset 😞

    • RitchiE V

      same here Katie . as a matter a fact i just got my refund an hour ago n put all those fags at gamestop on quiet time!

    • Katie

      Good for you! Why do we have to wait? Never buying a game from that company again… Dummies

  • Manuel Palacios

    It says on GameStop the date release would be 12/31/2016 this is just stupid >:( silly delays games

    • Christopher F.

      Yeah, heard thats just a placeholder when I went to cancel my reservation.

      Said it could be out this fall, but more likely it’ll probably be next year.

      This is from a GameStop counter jockey though, so take that with a boulder of salt.

  • Manuel Palacios

    This is very very very unfair they also told me “oh is going to be release on April 12th” ok I wait it then I found out they told me again “sorry is going to be release June 2nd I mean what is the meaning of all this I rather nether realm do the job I pre order this game thinking I will enjoy the most of it but what the heck is going on I don’t trust high voltage studios you just can’t say something you promise and say is going to take more longer that is just selfish and stupid nether realm always promise the release date for previous MK games and everyone was happy this is just Coward hhow high voltage studios is doing this new studios disappointed all MK fans no one is going to pre-order ever again this is their fault. What ever peace guys I’m one of the most MK fans I’m with you guys by any anything you need we have to fight back

  • Chris

    I agree with Wayne, its not fair that ive preordered MKX and cant play it. What did I pay for?? Im not getting it discounted for waiting extra months, something doesnt add up here.

    • Manuel Palacios

      Totally agree with Chris something is wrong around high voltage studios >:( they are up to something

  • wayne

    It pisses me off… i was told april 12th then i was told june 2nd. And i read thats not happening. I see all these new fatalities and new combos released almost everyday on the web but yet i cant enjoy playing myself. I am one of mks biggest followers and it is a horrible feeling when you cant enjoy something that was promised. What ever changes where made in the production of the game for ps3 and xbox1,,,,,,just change them back.
    I actually feel like it is being deliberatly done for the simple fact that if they keep putting it off then die hard fans will run out and spend the xtra $500 to upgrade to their perfered system. Thats buissness smart,but not very freindly….. well ill stop my Bitchin. Hopefuly we will b able to play it soon………..peace

    • gung ho

      just download the leaked ps3 version on torrent.

      • Sean Akizuki

        Hey troll will you SHUT UP?!

  • Marcia Todd

    This sucks, bought the game in March with a release date about the 12th, then told the release would be today(6-2-15) Now we are told sometime toward the end of summer. WHAT IS THE DEAL….,,,WILL NOT PREORDER ONE OF THERE GAMES AGAIN… Will not trust their release date..,….

  • Shaun Finn

    Can’t wait. Shartbarf

  • Bo Broughton

    Patiently waiting the release for PS3. I hope its soon, and I hope that it actually ets released, if not, Im gonna be mad, and out $80

  • TheGreatAspie

    I wouldn’t have been angry if it was just released for newer systems. I would have been sad, but I could manage. However, they told us (last-generation users) that it would come out at the same time, and then it got delayed. I can understand one delay, as it is difficult to reconfigure the games hardware. But a second delay is really annoying. I would rather them have had the first delay at a later date than to have a completely new, ludicrous delay. All ranting aside, I am looking forward to it, IF it ever comes out.

  • gung ho

    no need to wait. jailbreak your ps3 with CFW and download the leaked version from torrent

    • Dee Bonez

      Where can I download the torrent

      • Christopher F.

        There isn’t one. Any torrent you get claiming to be MKX for the PS3/360 is either going to be virus’ed to hell and back, or a honeypot.

        • Byron Reid

          Thank you. Someone with actual sense. Lol! And I see my message didn’t get approved in reply to gung ho, lol. Oh well. He’s an idiot anyway.

    • Byron Reid

      Lies, lol

      • gung ho

        if you are too stupid to hack your own box they i sure as heck wont spoon feed you on how to do it. good luck with it. or wait for it.

  • Jacob Brinkley

    Heck they should throw in the dlcs that already out for PS4 and X-Box One for free since they got to try them already, I’m praying and hoping we at least get our copies on Ps3/X-Box360 before August. I wish NetherRelms would’ve been the ones to work on the ps3/x-box360 versions cause then maybe we wouldn’t have to wait this frick’n long!!!!!!!

  • Tamara Holmes

    We should get all the dlc pack for free since we got to wait on the game release

    • BlueBird

      Matter of fact you should get the game for free..

  • Amir Ragna

    it will be nice if they at least give goro for free as an apology for the delay

    • M Rizzo

      If you pre-ordered the game for either system he’s free. But I assume by your text you didn’t pre-order it therefore you must pay.

  • Michael ha

    So what would these idiot game makers do if there was not a new system? These game makers are in the business to push us to new gen just as the console makers. Each company needs a class action lawsuit filed do to the fact these older systems were suppose to keep getting games and support for 3 years to date of the new gen. So since neither is sticking to the decisions I feel we need to go after the game makers and microsoft and sony. I will not buy a POS game system and I deal in them to date these consoles suck nor will i pay a stupid crazy price of 69.00 up for a game. This is a prime example of how companies work to push people and not everyone feels a console is worth 400 with games that high. They can talk about any excuse they want they knew ahead of time they still had to support the older consoles which they were doing before the new gen release. Port? You act like it is a retro console. I dont think this game is worth the wait anyways

    • Surprise Patrick

      …you’re an idiot.

      • Michael ha

        Oh lord! Please forgive this idiot here for not understanding life and how it goes. Yes I understand he is a puppet and follows directions his parents must have done something right somewhere even when he’s a failure. Please take in consideration some people are just not that smart to realize their life they lead is controlled for this said he cannot help being so dumb take him and lead him to his path. AMEN

        • gung ho


        • Aaron Williams

          I’m tired of this charade of the next gen era. I’m old school. Use to be not so much about maximizing profits. Its a well known game, people are going to buy it. Why I have to wait for this player, or that player, why are the dates changing dates constantly on when they’re being released. Why you doing my ps3 and Xbox fans dirty. Why I gotta be on PS plus to go against other opponents. Money, money, money. Not a very good experience so far.

      • Robin Ricardo

        I’m pretty sure he’s trolling. But only like 80% sure.

        • The Tall Man

          If you mean the hack duder, he may be (not sure), but the hacking of the system is risky but possible and you COULD get the torrent then and burn before playing or even save it to your system depending on the hack… But no online play unless you wanna get your system bricked or at least kicked from the online service for good

        • Christopher F.

          There isn’t one. If there was a copy that was even remotely playable, don’t you think they would release it instead of sitting on it? Use your heads, people. This isn’t a movie where its done and they’re just working out when to release it. They’ve already missed two delivery dates, its clear that they don’t have it, or they wouldn’t be ruining their entire company’s reputation like this.

          I mean, this could well be the death knell for these guys as is.

    • gung ho

      exactly…. just jailbreak your ps3 with custom firmware and then down load the leaked ps3 version on torrent.

      • Michael ha

        Gonna have to find it

      • BSH

        there’s a proof? stop trolling

        • gung ho

          i could care less bub… if you dont know then you are out of the loop. get l337 son.

        • Christopher F.

          Hey Mr. Police Man, you need to tone it down a bit. You’re being way too obvious about this, and anyone you catch is going to have good grounds for entrapment after they print out copies of this.

        • Christopher F.

          There isn’t. You can get the PC version from torrent sites, but there is no PS3/360 version available.