Destiny servers impacted by PSN non-maintenance

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 1, 2015

If you are trying to play Destiny online and receiving error codes, then this isn’t due to Destiny servers going down but instead it’s some unplanned maintenance for PSN. The problems started in the UK afternoon on June 1, which has hit many popular games on PS4/PS3 like FIFA 15, GTA V, and Destiny.

While there isn’t any PSN maintenance today, the outage means less PlayStation players will be able to play their favorite games online right now. Further to our earlier report, the PSN status page has now updated with everything turning red, as detailed on PR’s PSN outage page.


You can see a screenshot from the PSN status page taken just moments ago, which reveals every single service going down for PS4 and PS3. This means you won’t be able to access account information, most likely will have problems getting to the PS Store, the sign-in, and other services as detailed within the above screen.

There’s been no official statements from PlayStation about the sudden outage and why it has taken just about every PSN service offline today. We will publish further details if a statement is issued, but for now let us know what PSN services you are able to access if any and of course how the Destiny servers are for you today? Report problems below.

Update: Bungie just published a message and they are investigating problems, although we know this is due to PSN going down.

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  • Ben

    Looks like Bungie didn’t even know PSN went down, they first though all platforms, but it’s just PlayStation.

  • Tom

    I thought destiny went down and was about to moan about their servers once again, not been great lately, but now I see it’s PSN going down on June 1. So, why is PSN down right now then?