COD AW Supremacy DLC release time for EST, PST, UK

If you are looking for the Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC release time for UK and US, we have some information which we think may help you.

As far as we’re aware, Sledgehammer Games has not revealed an official time for when the COD AW DLC 3 will be live on Xbox.

They gave us an exact time for Havoc of 2am PST, but not for Ascendance. Fortunately we can remind you that the COD map pack releases usually follow a set pattern and hit the store around the same time.

With this in mind, we want to give you a heads-up to start looking for the AW Supremacy DLC release time for EST, PST and GMT around 1-2am Pacific Time.


This is the time when we usually see the content launched on this timezone. This means that those on Eastern Time can expect to see Supremacy going live around 4-5am in the morning.

That isn’t an ideal time of course, so you may opt to get some sleep instead and wake up early. That’s what gamers in the UK should be doing as we may see the AW Supremacy DLC release in the UK around 9-10am.

Again, this is not the confirmed times but a likely head-up on when the content should be available. Hopefully between now and midnight on June 2 – either Michael Condrey or Glen Schofield will Tweet out an exact time for us, we’ll be keeping an eye out if they do.

Are you excited about the Advanced Warfare Carrier zombies release on June 2? Give us your thoughts on the new map pack below and as always, let us know the minute you see the download live in your region.


Update: It looks like Supremacy is now available on Xbox One, as we are currently installing it on our system. Is it live for you too? – Let us know.



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