Xbox One anger over Pool Nation FX for three months

By Alan Ng - May 29, 2015

Games with Gold for June 2015 has finally been announced by Microsoft. While we will focus on the main list in a separate article, now we wanted to focus on the fact that on Xbox One Pool Nation FX is going to be offered for its third month in a row.

We remember Microsoft pulling the same stunt with Crimson Dragon last year and now it looks like they are up to the same tricks with Pool FX Nation too.

Not content with giving players the same game for two months in a row, Xbox One owners will get yet another chance to play the game throughout June 2015.

As you can imagine, there has been a lot of questions raised about this – including some hilarious replies from those who are seeing the funny side of it.


Sony has just coughed up Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes for June 2015, yet there’s no AAA game on Games with Gold Xbox One for June.

Are Microsoft still running out of games to offer for free – how do you honestly explain the reasoning behind offering the same game three months in a row?

If you are a Gold subscriber, give us your reaction to when you first heard the news that Pool FX Nation is going to be offered AGAIN.

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  • Barkonius

    I literally just found this article after screaming at my TV because I see pool nation STILL being there. I’d like to do something about it, and it’s probably going to be moving away from xbox live gold. PS+ is killing it.

  • Skeet

    I didn’t notice really. But they may possibly be saving something for E3? As it comes the day before the 360’s GWG switch over, maybe they’ll announce that they’re adopting that strategy for XB1 (i.e. one game every 2 weeks). Or maybe they’ll introduce something like EA Accesses vault.

  • waaah waaah

    Maybe its being downloaded quite a bit and MS wants to continue to provide it for people. Are we really comparing free games as a competition. This generation is a bunch of whiney complaining children. Take the stupid internet forums away and poof the whining and complaining goes away. Its free…thx for offering it at all microsoft.

    • suspicious_milk

      It’s not free… We pay for gold.

      • Free for me because I have my year of gold paid for and I didn’t pay for the games so yeah.