Start time for Steam Summer Sale 2015 confirmed

By Daniel Chubb - May 28, 2015

It looks like the start of Steam’s Summer Sale for 2015 has now been confirmed thanks to a leak on the official community fan page, as revealed with an apparent launch date of June 11, 2015. This should be the Steam Summer Sale start date for this year, if you trust this source page, which we do.

The schedule goes something like this: The Steam Summer Sale start time for 2015 is 5PM UTC on June 11 and this runs until June 22, although there’s an encore day a couple of days before this. This is on June 20, and this date is when you can expect some of the best discounts and of course will be the most popular day.


This news follows our expectations for the Steam Summer Sale to have a start date in June, 2015. Now, we know the time as well along with the dates, as far as this leak goes anyway. Now the information is out, you can expect confirmation from an official blog post soon. What games do you hope to see on the list of discounts during the above dates?

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