Pokemon Rumble World passwords for NA, UK exposed

If you are playing Pokemon Rumble World, we have got some great information for you now, with a full suite revealing all Pokemon Rumble World passwords for North America, UK and EU.

Once you reach Adventure Rank 4, you are free to enter passwords to your heart’s desire and increase your collection as you plot world domination within the Kingdom of Toys.

For those that have just hit rank 4 and want to know how to use Pokemone Rumble World passwords, simply press start and select the password option when in the courtyard.


From there, you can enter passwords but be warned that the codes are region specific and vary depending on whether you have a North American, EU or Japanese version of the game.

For example, above is a picture showing the EU code for Chespin. Below is another image which gives you the Pokemon Rumble World password for Charmander – for NA players.

For a full list of Pokemon Rumble World passwords, you want to bookmark this list as it is very useful indeed. Failing that, there’s also another list here with a better format for you to follow.

Let us know if this information helped you and what code you are specifically looking for below – we’ll try to help if we can.



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