Marvel Future Fight Windows Phone release date desire

By Alan Ng - May 28, 2015

Marvel Future Fight from Netmarble is probably the best Marvel game ever released for mobile. It has a fantastic formula and despite the fact that it’s free to play with micro-transactions, it never feels like you are forced to pay during gameplay.

Right now, the game has had a successful launch on Android and iOS, but now our attention switches to the possibility of whether there is ever going to be a Marvel Future Fight Windows Phone release date.

Unfortunately, Windows Phone owners are usually on the end of some harsh treatment when it comes to developers skipping Microsoft’s platform on big name mobile game launches.

We haven’t heard any news yet on whether Future Fight is coming to Windows Phone, but we hope that changes over the course of the Summer.


There’s no excuse not for it to come really, especially with some developers previously stating that the Windows Phone install base is too small for them to consider bringing other big games to the platform – that can’t be the case any more with the Windows Phone platform gaining popularity.

We just hope that this isn’t the reason why we haven’t seen any news of a Windows Phone version yet, but the days are still early after all since launching on Android and iOS for a month.

Are there any Windows Phone users out there that would love to see Marvel Future Fight on their device? Make your voices heard and let’s get the release bandwagon going so Netmarble can see the demand.

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  • Enes

    I downloaded that game but it’s not working and “wait for update in 30.09.2015”

  • Zoey

    I would really love to have this game on my windows phone, Future Fight is my favorite game and it would be awesome if it gets released on Window Phones.

  • This is a game I would really love to have on Windows… Having the auto-play working in the background while I am running my tasks in priceless, and I would rather have that on my desktop PC rather than having it drain away at my battery life

    With the Windows 10 launch nearing, I hope we see many more games brought over to Windows

  • Mike E. Delta

    Well, hopefully we’ve all exhausted the other Marvel games they have released but if this was commissioned by Disney, I think we WILL see it because they have been very kind to Windows Phone in general. =[

  • JWilcox

    Sounds like a fun one, I hope they bring it. I enjoyed the Marvel Run Jump Smash runner.