Steam Summer Sale start date likely in June, 2015

By Daniel Chubb - May 27, 2015

The Steam Summer Sale will be a great chance to pick up games at big discounts, but when is the start date in 2015? There’s been debate for a number of weeks now and a few bloggers claimed it would start yesterday on Memorial Day, but this didn’t happen even though we didn’t expect it to happened in May.

When you take a look back over the past couple of years, Product Reviews published details on the Steam Summer Sale in July 2013, or June in 2014. The earliest we’d expect the start time in 2015 would be June, as such you shouldn’t count on news this week.

In fact, you can see the official “Steam Summer Sale Starts Now” blog post here for 2014. This again leans towards a June 2015 start date again, although we are yet to get any information on the exact day next month.


As with last year, there was only ten days to take advantage of huge savings across the whole online store. The 8-hour flash sales covered thousands of games, so make sure you follow Product Reviews, as we will be breaking the news the moment Steam’s 2015 Summer Sale starts next month.

What games do you hope to see given a massive discount during the 2015 Steam Summer Sale? Leave your wish list in the comments along with any predicted start dates you have. This article will be updated the moment news arrives.

There’s been some great titles launching over the last year, so we’re personally hoping to see some discounts on these titles. Top of our list includes Watch Dogs, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4, and Assassin’s Creed Unity.

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  • Mirza Iris

    I would love to see 75% or more on dark souls II. That is the only game I am interested right now, as I got the rest of them on weekly sales.

  • Arsanto Sidohutomo

    GTA V, Witcher 3, Dragon Ball Xenoverse… That would be perfect… 🙂

  • Ryan

    Hopefully GTA 5, paying $70 CAD for a 2 year old game that I already purchased for PS3 when it came out is just stupid.

  • Ben

    I got my money ready been saving for this sale. Expecting some good deals don’t let us down steam.

  • Kieran Murray

    so, what this article basically says is

    the steam summer sale will start in the……summer

    • Kelly

      I just found the most stupid comment this week, well done. Did you know there was loads of articles online pointing to 26 May, this didn’t happen as the author pointed out. He explained it will be coming in June, the summer is much more than one month, but I guess you didn’t know any of that, go elsewhere will you.

      • Kieran Murray

        he clearly said the earliest he expected it would be june, meaning he didnt know if it was coming out in june or afterwards, therefore …. in the summer

    • Sergio de la Cueva Lázaro

      And that it hasn’t happened yet lol

  • GaryG

    I want to see 80% off Watch Dogs.

    • TrueGrit

      but will you actually buy it

    • Saga Frontier

      You can get watchdogs for $1.50~ from G2A if you don’t mind using the Uplay.

  • Rob

    Far Cry 4 and COD AW would be perfect for me.