FIFA 15 FUT quit glitch for free TOTS packs

By Alan Ng - May 27, 2015

It has come to our attention that some players have been using a new FIFA 15 FUT ‘Quit’ glitch to get free FIFA 15 TOTS packs.

This glitch essentially allows players to never lose a match in Ultimate Team and by doing so you can get yourselves a free 50K pack in FIFA 15 FUT which comes with the chance of getting one of the new TOTS cards that EA recently released.

As you can imagine, with TOTS fever now upon us many players have let temptation get the better of them and have been using this to get unlimited packs by continuously winning the Community Gold Cup.

We’re letting you know this now, in the hope that EA takes action and issues a patch sooner rather than later. We’ve noticed that many of you have already complained to EA about it, but so far there’s been no word on a fix for the quit glitch in FIFA 15 FUT.


Hopefully if this gains attention, EA will be forced to treat it as priority number one as let’s face it – they won’t want players to keep exploiting the system as they love to do given the chance.

Community uploader NepentheZ even advises viewers in his latest video to use the glitch before EA fixes it, so that won’t have helped the situation – view that below if you want to watch that.

For those asking us how to do the FIFA 15 FUT quit glitch, you’ll have to do your own research but it definitely is out there at the moment and many are using it.

Give us your thoughts on this below.

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  • Didier Drogba

    ha ha ha you will never stop us from cheating

  • Ian Birthwright

    I will never understand what satisfaction folk gain from cheating this way. There’s no skill or endeavour involved. How can you gain any sense of achievement? Just ruins it for the majority. Should all be banned. IP address and all.

    • Wizzy Watkins

      its barely cheating. It happens at the end of a match, and doesnt change anything whatsoever. its more of a sort of do over. it doesnt hurt the other player at all. just imagine how frustrating it is to get to the final of a tournament just to lose on penalties or some douche running and skilling with cuadrado…also i would like to add that it doesnt reward you coins at the end when you use it but does take a contract off of a player so in the end, it is fair.